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  1. Thanks, that seems like a great idea. Is there a certain thread I should ask under on this site or is this fine? I'll go through and ask on the other sites in the next few days as free time comes up. I'm so happy that I've already gotten so many people into kiting. Also if anyone is interested in flying we're at RIT (northern New York) hit me up and we can definitely set something up.
  2. Hey All, I'm in the process of starting a kite club at my college and wanted to start a Rev team as part of it. I have found it surprisingly easy to get people interested, just hand them the lines and watch them get hooked . I was wondering if anyone had ideas for ways to raise funding for a club like this because other than the serious fliers in the club nobody has the money for a Rev. (We have 2 Rev fliers out of 15) I'm a fairly new Rev flier (three months or so now) and I love flying all kinds of kites. I figured this was the best way to spread the love of kites. Any comments on the club are welcome, its a work in progress and I figured any input would help. -Jeff
  3. Thanks for that, I didn't end up ordering the lines yesterday so you saved me a lot of hand washing.
  4. I'm Probably going to order a roll of "Berkley Whiplash Crystal" tonight, I found it in orange for high visibility rather than translucent. Did you use sleeving on the ends like normal line? I realized that if I normally fly with my roommate we shouldn't have an issue if we both have the same lines for 30 footers anyway. Thanks for the help I'll put an update on after I make the lines and try them out.
  5. Thanks, I'll price out my options and figure out whats the best bet for me. I may just try to split the cost between my friend and buy bulk LPG. Seems like my best bet for the long term.
  6. I looked through my bag and the only lines I was willing to cut down had already broken in one spot and been tied back together, cant use those! Were you buying dual line sets to cut into short sets or just using sets you happened to have around? Bill, I'll look into that line, thanks. Is it slippery or does it stick to itself when wrapped? And I definitely plan on only flying solo unless I'm on LPG lines. (My brother sliced a set of my dualie spectra lines when he was flying with a cheaper kite. Luckily they were about four years old and desperately needing to be replaced.)
  7. I just looked around on here and saw that people usually said that Spectra fishing line is to stretchy compared to kite line. I had seen this before and wanted to avoid fishing line. I looked around and it seems like most people don't recommend fishing line due to stretch that it has. I had seen that before and wanted to avoid fishing line for that reason. I may just have to open up my wallet and buy bulk LPG lines to make line sets. I started a kite club at my college to try to get more people into kiting and maybe I can sell line sets to keep the cost fairly low. I also want to start a Rev team so I guess I need quality lines for whenever I fly with anyone. Any advice for where to get LPG lines for a good price?
  8. What kind of line would be the best value for making thirty foot lines. I have 90# Dacron but that is way to sticky/heavy for really anything. I made a fifteen foot set using it and one wrap is more friction then five or six wraps on my standard 90# 80 foot LPG lines that came with my rev 1.5. As a college student I'm trying to save money and kites are a hard hobby for someone trying to do that because as you all know "kites needed=kites owned +1". Is there any cheaper alternative to LPG line that I can get? It would be great to get two full sets for around thirty or forty bucks because my roommate could use a shorter set too. Also I have been using 150# bridle line with the center pulled out for sleeving on the ends of my lines. Is this a good idea or do you think it will cause weak points? In my opinion it looks like it is almost identical to the sleeves that come in a sleeving kit. So far I only did it on my Dacron lines which I am pretty sure won't cause any issues but what about on spectra line?
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