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  1. Thanks for the replys, at least I have a better idea on what to expect. We really hope to watch some of the Rev competitions and see how others fly. We plan to attend the Meet and Greet at the Oceanic on Friday, so hope to meet others with our same interests. My wife and I have decided to combine seeing the country and flying our kites into one adventure, who could ask for more!! Mark
  2. Hi All My first post, and wondering if anyone can provide some feedback to a first-time festival goer. My wife and I have decided to attend both the Wildwood and Washington State kite festivals this year, and want to know if we will be able to fly our kites at these venues as non-compeditors. We live in South Florida, and are both self-taught as we don't know anyone in our area who fly sport kites. We are hoping to meet fellow flyers and hone our skills at both Festivals. Just unsure of how the fields are setup for casual flying. Mark
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