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  1. yes, but you're planning a future with lots of revs!
  2. I have the full sail NYM and really like it. Very smooth and responsive. The sail pattern ( I have red) looks great in the sky. Mitch, I realize you asked for a comparison, but I just couldn't resist jumping in here and doing a bit of the happy dance
  3. Beautiful shot! Looks like it was a great night.
  4. Very informative and helpful comments by all. Thanks so much! Dave
  5. Nice goin'! That draw chord makes me nervous.... too easy to lose a stick. I fold the top of the bag over and put the draw string over that. Not perfect, but better than doing nothing. On my Rev ii I have a couple of bag clips, like for potatoe chips. Works ok, but it looks dumb and makes me hungry...........
  6. I just got back into kiting after a long break. What got me excited about flying again was watching street kiting videos using Revoluton kites. So I picked up a NYM and have been flying it on 30 foot lines. I'm having a great time, but my technique is pretty sloppy and for now I just need to get my basics back in shape. I plan to work on basic rev skills on longer lines until I get some precision back. The ultimate goal is to fly in smaller spaces and take advantage of the landscape a bit more. The recent vids John B posted from iconic spots in the U.S really knocked me out. I'd also like to be able to fly in zero wind. It seems the folks who are best at this style of flying have some pretty serious indoor skills. I've done a bunch of zero wind flying with 2 line kites, but never with a rev. I did manage recently to pull off some throw and catch moves, which delighted me to no end..... So I guess I'm asking how to go about this. I'm not so much interested in flying in crowds, just on short lines and tighter spaces. I don't want my flying to be dependent on the availability of the local ball field. I'm no kid (mid 50's) but I'm pretty athletic and in good shape, and welcome the physical involvement this type of flying will demand. So any tips? Getting involved in this forum feels a bit like being late to the party, in that so many subjects have been covered so well. Still, its fun making a post and being involved in the discussion, so thanks in advance for your time. Take care, Dave
  7. This is truly great stuff. So inspiring!
  8. Good stuff, Dayhiker. The flying sequences I've seen on video, especially the work of Joe H, suggests the 2-4 can be made to fly pretty well. What first attracted me to the 2-4 was how welll it handled light winds. This is a very cool kite, worthy of anyone's attention. Thanks, Dave
  9. Dayhiker, That is some collection
  10. Thanks guys. Just what I needed to know. I did a bunch of power kiting a few years ago. Mostly mountain boarding with foils. A lot of times I did it inland, so with the rough winds it got a little dicey sometimes, especially using my de-powerable 7 meter with a harness. Thing is, they don't really de-power as much as you think, and the harness system, given the right situation, can be harder to release than all the safety measures lead you to believe. This 2-4 seems like a much better deal, especially inland. I had a situation with my 5 meter on handles. It had kite killers, but one time I got into trouble and let go of the handles, enabling the killers, but the wind didn't go out of the sail as it should have. Short story, you're still tied to the kite, and I got banged up a bit that day. In my defense, I had many many rides and jumping sessions that went great, so I think I knew how to safely operate the equipment. At the beach, over a period of about 3 years I had no problems. I'm just saying, for a little boarding at the local ball field, the rev looks like way less hassle and a bit safer as well. Just my thoughts..... Dave
  11. mbro, Let me know how you like yours. Mine is new as well, I'll fly it for the first time on Sunday.
  12. I hope this is the right place for this inquiry, appologies if its not... So I finally watched the video that came with my New NYM. The segment with Joe flying the smaller power blast blew me away! I've got some big foils but this looked like the perfect size to have some fun with power/traction without getting dragged to Boston... I also like the de powerable control without having to be harnessed to the kite. My question is, does anyone know the sail area of this kite, how many meters it is? Thanks in advance. This forum has been really helpful and friendly. Thanks, Dave
  13. i just got a New York Minute, which brings me to 4!
  14. Oh well, Thought I'd take a shot. Enjoy the beach! We'll get together another time. Dave
  15. Craig, I'll be in Tri Cities on Business weednesday and will have some time late in the afternoon. Want to meet up and get some flying in? I could easily throw a bag of kites in the car.......
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