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  1. Yes hand a great day meeting up with Vince making lots of new friends, even better getting a rev in the air. Finding ways to overcome holding the handle and getting the movement to operate the rev. but with some input from Vince we got there in the end. thanks everyone.
  2. Hi , I would like to meet up with someone to get some hands on. I've looked into trains up to Durham (unfortunately not a Sunday as limited service) but could get up to you Vince for a few hours if interested. im just think as you thought people with disabilities before.
  3. the three question: I've near enough no movement in my right wrist I've have no degree of movement in right to left as my hand and wrist sits normally have near nothing in grip but if I put a wrist strap on that brings my hand and wrist in line have good grip as my fingers automatically clasp up. if this helps its called a right hemiplegia which means my whole right side shorter and weaker than my left. my hand sits in a down perdition all the time due to the muscles under my wrist pulling all the time that I have no control over. I also suffer from epileptic fits so that's throws driving out the window so can only travel via bus. I suggested to JB about pivoting at my elbow hope this helps a bit more
  4. Hi everyone, I'm needing a little help/advice. I've just bought myself a rev kite after speaking with John Barresi, the reason for this was I wasn't sure if I could operate a quad line kite. I've less mobility from my right wrist down. I'm unable to twist my wrist to get a vertical grip. my wrist normally sits in a L shape ie my hand points down but I can put a wrist strap on that puts my hand, wrist, and fore arm inline and also gives me some grip. I'm hoping to go to Weymouth kite festival this year and if anyone is going that could give me hands on help that would be great.
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