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  1. The sets I have made up I've used the power lines for one set and the brake lines for another so the weight and drag will be equal top and bottom too keep the balance the same 😊
  2. Awesome thanks for clearing that for me 😊 I will admit I love flying it and it was def £60 very well spent but I'd truly love to get a vented eyes 😊
  3. My rev is now my profile pic Kev
  4. Wishing the rain away !!!

  5. That's why I used the power lines for the shorter ones as there bigger and would add to the drag etc the brake lines are 100 lb lines so are much better for the Rev and as funds are low I'm saving to get some lines of the right length and type for it 😊 Kev
  6. I'm showing how new I am now lol The power lines I've used for the shorter set to due to the Wight and drag factor the brake line set I've used for the Middle set The learning curve is from going from power kites to the rev and I must admit I'm enjoying the Rev far more than the power kites , I think most of the problems I'm having is gusty inshore winds I took it out in approx 20 mph winds the other week on the cost and my flying was so much better there 😊
  7. I got it used and was told there would be two sets of lines for it but it arrived with only one set I'm presuming the other set was longer , I don't know how old the kite itself is as I don't know how long it's design was sold for but I do know it's a exp design from 1995
  8. Ok so today I've made myself two new sets of lines of 45 and 30 foot long and found out that the line set that came with my rev are 60 foot long that would explain my sharp learning curve lol
  9. Well the line set that came with my Rev exp are 80 foot and I now have a set of 80 foot lines off my five meter power kite so going to make some shorter line sets for my Rev as I enjoy the challenge of learning and flying my Rev over the power kite 😊 Thanks for the imput and help I'll let you know how I get on 😊 Kev
  10. Hi guys , so I'm going to make myself some new shorter line sets I understand the window will decrease and the reaction time will too but will the input movements increase, decrease or stay the same ? My first jump will be from standard length to around 30 foot and what would the shortest I should go for a 1995 exp ? Kev
  11. Thanks for that it's very helpful 😊 Kev
  12. Yeah all the lines are the same length bar one that's 8 inches longer now so I can make a new set for my exp with just the one end of the lines being adjustable 😊 Thanks I can make several sets from the lines I have to make them with just need some sleeving now 😊
  13. Hi guys due to a slight mishap I had with my 5 meter power kite I now have the opportunity to make some new lines for my exp as I now have a 80 foot power line and a 80 foot 8 inch power line with two 80 foot brake lines lol , I have one set of standard lines for my exp but would like some shorter line sets but what length should I make them for a newbie? Thanks Kev
  14. There is a Poole kite flyers club you could look them up and ask If it's of interest to you I've started a Facebook group called " 4 lines 2 freedom " it's still very young but only aimed at uk quad line sport kite flyers only as a social meeting place Kevin
  15. Hi to all I've just started a Facebook page and group for all UK quad line sports kite flyers as a social meeting point for us in the UK so if you live in the UK pay it a visit @ 4 lines 2 freedom Please note this is not to be used for any commercial use or cause conflict with this or any other forum or club Kev
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