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  1. Ooops, gotta red card now, been sent orf by the humourless referee, see ya'all someplace else. Cheers Bruce Ps Nothing wrong with "Sheltered Accomodation", I will probably be soon in some myself, wonderfull thing this "Care in the Community" ain't it Felix.
  2. ....Well yes.... 20+ years is a long time to spend in a shelter, its beginning to notice.
  3. Tis a sheltered life you lead Felix, tent safes are lightweight affairs designed to replicate a Lidl or Aldi carrier bag, what self respecting Northern person looks in those?
  4. No I need the safe built in before I leave, I came away from the North with quite a lot more than I went with, they might have noticed and attempt recovery.
  5. G'day cobber, next time could you ring after dark, we were right in the middle of some tricky team stuff when Daz's phone went off.....yeh....no bloody phones on the flying field either...that'ud do for the New Year stuff. Putting them on Ebay eh...quite right too, you should have done it ages ago........ummm ......have you got one around 7ft tall and about 12 ft wide with a safe built in? Could be interested in one like that for going back up north, I want to fly from the inside next time.
  6. This is something orgainsers really ought to consider, if they are supposed to be kite festivals seeing the kites would be an advantage. The view at Bristol 08 for folk as they entered from the car park is an example, tents, shelters and vehicles along the full windward arena edge.
  7. We tend to not be that concerned about hurting feelings around here, ....if they dont want to play properly....
  8. To be fair my post as usual was tongue in cheek or just plain cheeky, the diagrams have been numbered however the numbering system is open to interpretation which was my point, tis best nothing is left unclear if folk are to easily grasp the plot. Alphanumeric perhaps?
  9. You best get that sleep if you dont want to cause others to get brain ache too. Cos where are you numbering from and which are columns and which are rows?... Or ....could it be we just guess and fly it anyway.
  10. Good post, spot on with the purpose of the Mega fly affecting participation. One thing which is reflected in some posts is the lack of information on what might be actually expected of those who wish to take part in a Mega fly, for example if there is any information on grid formation, how the grid is actually formed up, quincunx or files, how long it can take, how to actually behaves in the grid (i.e. quit wandering around while flying is good) it has been well hidden. Perhaps as much or even more focus here on the mechanics would be a greater help in encouraging more folk to participate after all it would be a lot easier for folk to assess their own capability if they knew what might be expected of them both on the ground and in the air, obviously it is not easy for others to accurately assess a fliers ability to take part till the flier has actually flown the large group stuff in front of them. There is scope for plenty of information to be made available on recognised moves or routines for large groups to fly, this information might inspire potential fliers to give it a go. Bart has a point re self-certification, one mans honest view of his own ability might be based on a standard that in itself is unclear. Flying informal groups large or small with friends is fun, you can have as much or little as you want before going off to do your own thing. Personally my flying is self indulgent and totally informal, I fly for my own pleasure and have no problem driving hundreds of miles to fly with friends but the formal stuff? "Herded cats", Nah, it has to be a lot more fun than that before I would travel more than a few yards. One last thing a number of those who actually flew at Portsmouth and Bristol no longer seem to frequent this forum much, this is a shame, some way of reaching more Rev flying folk might need to be addressed if a reasonable number of International registered fliers are to be found.
  11. Today was mostly wet here, bit like Ainsdale in November really....
  12. The Calendar is a smashing idea, no need to guess who Mr December could be
  13. What a weekend! superb hospitality, many thanks to Bri, Debs, Lyn and all the rest of the Ainsdale crew, lot of fun with a great bunch of folk and great to see so many folk turn up, it wern't raining all of the time... http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/flyincam/Ain...352241258226146 More pics later....after I have Photoshopped some sun into those too More here, http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/flyincam/Ain...383337186418642 Yet more. http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/flyincam/Ain...668089386487842
  14. You can have some good fun with that, new camera's are appearing on the market at a fast rate these days 720p and 1080p is now available in tiny lightweight cameras. Three little cheapish ones compared here: Even better if they are waterproof, put one on your 1.5 and you can play in the puddles. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wet5iTxu088...feature=channel Watch out though, there aint much wind in heavy spray.
  15. Panasonic make some very nice cameras, but one thing to consider is what you actually want to do with the output, editing large avchd files is not easy without good software and a high spec computer, I am just about at the limit of my computer when editing 720p hd video, in some cases the high spec cameras are moving forward faster than the kit to support them.
  16. It was a bit breezy too, looks as if it could be something of a trend Chris. http://www.metcheck.com/V40/UK/FREE/7days.asp?zipcode= I am setting about one of my mega vents with a Stanley knife, I am not wanting to walk back from Blackpool.
  17. Smart job Bri, well done. We will soon have some great Ainsdale pics to see on there too.
  18. Details of the Pro versions are now back on the site. http://www.kiteworld.co.uk/acatalog/Kitewo...t_Kites_80.html
  19. The Pro info is not available at the moment, it is mentioned on the front page but on clicking the link there are no longer any details. I think Mike might be in the sun somewhere.
  20. harrier

    help please

    I know Jamie, he is from Kent and has been around the kite scene for some while, I am sure he attended the Iquad clinic held at Portsmouth. Anything purchased outside of the UK and EU is considered a commercial transaction and is liable for duty. From the UK Customs site, "Most goods arriving in the UK from outside the EU are liable to any or all of the following taxes: customs duty excise duty import VAT and must be paid whether: you purchase the goods or receive them as a gift the goods are new or used (including antiques) the goods are for your private use or for re-sale. " At present Mike is offering 12% discount on a complete kite (2 frame sets etc) and the deal includes a line set for around £200 this compares very well with a kite of unknown quality which includes one unspecified frame set, the offered kite is a modified B standard not a Pro. Jamie, today I spoke to Mike about what you are after, give him a call.
  21. harrier

    help please

    Dont forget you most likely will have to pay duty on that transaction, go talk to Mike at Kiteworld, he has a 12% price reduction at the moment, works out around a couple of hundred for the brand new unaltered B you want.
  22. Proper grenade this one Bri, everyone who flies is going to be caught in the blast. Kite left unattended anyway up ain't good, not with my insurance cover anyway. And No1 of Hezz's might work in team flying but it does not help about here if you are not looking at the big picture unless you want to spend a lot of time untangling lines.
  23. You folk up there in the "Nearly the North" are so old fashioned, you will be laughing at the pink clad folk next. http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/flyincam/Sun...140515701294162 I had in mind those of us travelling with partner, ducky
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