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    Prism Hypnotist, Rev B-Series STD

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  1. The Shook weave. It is a gorgeous kite and flies like a dream.
  2. It is a Beautiful Kite. Well done Ben.
  3. +1 B Series STD red and gray (First Rev) Loving it.
  4. I can add that I have tried it just to try it and it does not work that well when the lines start to wrap. I can say that in an emergency situation my son broke the bridle on his Prism Quantum and I through together a bridle for him out of 200 lb fishing braid. I was actually amazed at how well it worked as a bridle. When his new bridle came in he didnt want me to change it as he kite seemed to be more precise. It may have been a fluke but it was worth mentioning.
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