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  1. Many thanks for all the input it's very much appreciated. I hooked up with Bill and the guys at Dunstable Downs a couple of weeks ago and had a great time, and hope to make it a regular meet.
  2. I bought a New York Minute 2 Vent - it comes with (as do all the NYM variants) a Green Race rod frame as standard. It's good to know that if needed I can use the 3 wrap frame from my EXP and I assume the Green Race frame in the EXP. thanks.
  3. Hi Bill Many thanks hope to see you Sunday Cheers Andy
  4. Hi Bill Sorry I should have put more info in my intro. I've updated my location now. Many thanks for your invitation. I'm in Bedford. Probably 1/2 an hour's drive or so to Dunstable Downs. Where do you fly exactly, and will you be there this Sunday? It would be great to meet you and get some advice. Thanks Andy
  5. Hello Just joined the Forum today. I've been reading the wealth of information and advise here for the last week or so, following a revisit and dust off of the contents of my Kite bag. I've been flying and making kites for years - my first kite, back in the early 80's, was a Peter Powell, and from that first flight I've been hooked. Have flown all sorts over the years, mainly 2 line stunt kites - Team Hawaiians, Speedwings, Liteflights, and a few years ago I bought a few Flexifoils. I bought an EXP about 10 years ago, mainly out of curiosity as it looked and flew so differently to what I was used to. I flew it a few times, but to be honest didn't really give it the attention it needed, and couldn't get my head around the different flying style and techniques. Last week however, I took it out for a fly, and decided to persevere. It was a pretty rough flight, the wind was strong and choppy, but the long and short of it was I loved it. I've done a lot of reading since, and watched the plethora of videos on youtube, and I've got the bug. I rang a dealer here in the UK - GoKites - with the intention of buying a Std Sail B Series. Unfortunately they were out of stock, but were expecting any day a delivery of 4 New York Minutes, 2 standards and 2 2-vents. So, again after looking at youtube etc, I've jumped in and ordered a 2 vent version (I may go back and get a standard sail as well at some point). I have a question re the NY Minute if anyone can help - the kite comes with a Green Race Rod frame as standard. Does anyone know if the kite can be flown with other frames, as the B series can, and what the wind ranges might be when flown with other frames? Should get the NYM on Saturday, can't wait. thanks Andy
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