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  1. Hyzakite, Hi.... Just trying to get my head round that! Your saying use leading edge with two rods.. dbl them up ? Is there room to squeeze two in on all the rev designs or is it just the 1.5
  2. found the group thanks for that appreciated...
  3. Hi Andy.. Good to see a UK flier... I Im back to it after just a small two year break.. Im working on some things for 2015 for quad fliers here in UK Im a film maker where about are you based ? Im North west manchester, got a website in the works here explaining some fun meets if your up for it ? http://kiteworx.weebly.com/ Have fun and maybe someone will answer your wind speed question soon ..
  4. Hi Alden, Positive feedback lets hope for people to show... I sent a pending request to the facebook group - although its been 2 years since people last showed up there..
  5. Hi, Just a quick shout out see if there is anyone about ? Ive not flown for over two years and before that I hammered the Rev 2hrs a day - Was almost like a drug back then Looking around here just signed up trying to hook up with people and a passion for Quads or converted dual line to operate off handles. Its really quite sad to see whats happened in such a short space of time and dwindling numbers so it seem - to the sport we all love here.. maybe its a lack adrenaline thing ? Its not the end of the world yet !! Ive got some exciting News to bring to you from here in the UK. Lots going to be happening here in 2015 starting in February. I'm spearheading a campaign to liven up the sport attract some new people etc . I'm a film maker and decided to mix the two pleasures and try and put out some treatments. There will be a film made called 'Urbanite' - Will feature mainly Quad line kites. Filming will take place up and down the country. I have a work van converted for this project into a kite van when we need to film and been messaging a few people trying to spark up some interest. If there are any UK based people I'd love to talk more about my film + anyone else who would be able to assist piloting for this first production. With this being a personally funded project through my own production company I will be restricted to what kites I can feature and afford, also i cant film and shoot at the same time so help is surely needed. I look forward to chatting more with people and sharing more info soon. Thanks for reading...
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