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  1. +1 B-series vented (first rev).
  2. Hmm, didn't think about it like that. Makes sense, thanks again.
  3. I see. Thanks. I was thinking about getting the wife an EXP...
  4. Question: If the frames are interchangeable between the B-series and EXP what are the differences between the two? Can an EXP be upgraded or moded to function like or as well as a B series? Is it a huge undertaking?
  5. Green race rods in a vented B? Anyone with updated feedback?
  6. Made it to the workshop, wasn't able to stay for long but I did manage to get some kite time in thanks to Fred who is actually one of the first people I've ever talked to about Rev's. Completely different than dual lines for sure. I was a bit overwhelmed trying to take it all in and find the "neutral point?" of the kite but I feel good that I didn't crash his $350 kite at all. Yea I'm definitely getting one. Just need to confirm line length before I spend half a rack on a kite! Want to make sure that I have the correct length lines to fly with the locals at shoreline. I want to think they are running 85' but not sure. Fred was with a friend who I didn't get the pleasure of introducing myself to and I apologize for that if he reads this, I was just focusing very hard on flying an OPK for the very first time and was a bit nervous. I appreciate your encouraging words on my skill, I'll meet you soon and have a proper introduction. I'll refrain from posting off topic at this point, thanks for all the guidance everyone.
  7. On a side note, I feel like my father must have felt 20+ years ago when we first got into stunt kites (I was about 12yo at the time). Started off taking my son to a kite flying area with a $2.99 plastic kite (which he loved by the way, he's almost 2) and now I'm researching $400 kites! I'm sure my pops was thinking the same thing at the time "Ok i'll only get one kite...." I could only hope as my son gets older that we get to bond with stunt kites like I did with my dad.
  8. Thanks for replies. There is a learn 2 fly workshop on the East Bay this weekend, maybe I'll build up enough courage to try an OPK if I get a chance...
  9. I would not feel right flyin an "OPP" kite until I've at least got some hours on my belt and knew what I was doing. Most my flying will be done in parks around the Santa Clara area, and probably the designated kite area at Shoreline Amphitheater. Seems like there is a wind range from 5-18 mph depending on the day. Plus I'm sure I'd be doing some beach time either in the HMB or Santa Cruz areas. Not sure about wind speeds there, but I'm sure they are somewhat high. I guess my next question: Is a vented b-series (with the right rods for the wind conditions) forgiving enough for a complete quad line newbie to learn on? Or should I start with something more basic? Also not to throw another confusing variable in the mix, but what about mid-vent? Where does that fall into the equation? Seems like a compromise between the two, which in theory sounds better for a wider wind range. Or is it better to go full vent or full sail?
  10. Hey all, green pea here thinking about evolving to a quad line kite and not sure what to get. From reading this it sounds like a vented B series is a kite that will handle well in most wind conditions? On other forum topics I'm reading B Pro and/or B2... I don't want to own multiple kites (at least that's what I want to tell myself going into this LOL) so I'm looking for a one kite solution that will handle most of my learning needs. From reading this thread it looks like B series vented with the addition of race rods to cover from 4 - 15+ mph winds? So a full sails would not be better in any way? I was just talking with some locals and they said if the winds are too low a vented will not fly, I'm wondering if its because they haven't tried the race rods? Or is there really a big difference in low winds (I'm thinking 5-7mph) between a vented (with race rods) vs a full sail? I was a little concerned as the winds were unusually high (I'm guessing around 15-18mph) and these guys were running full sail revs and looked like they were wrestling with them. It was nice to talk to them, it looked like they were enjoying it! Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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