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  1. Also, I take visits to Chicago every so often, so if any Chicago area Rev fliers were willing to let me try out a couple different kites, I would be more than grateful
  2. Hello all, I went on a family vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina last week. My dad has been flying kites for as long as I can remember, and put me behind some handles around age 7. I rather liked it, but never pursued it fully. I kited sporadically for the next ten years, just dual line sport kites--bags and deltas. Eight years ago, my dad bought a Rev EXP but never even took it out of the bag. Recently, we pulled the kites out of the basement and brushed off the dust. At the beach, we first struggled with line management, handle setup, and kite setup (spars in front or behind?). With the spars in front, I tried to get it off the ground. It was extremely difficult to control and I had never watched the training video, so the handles threw me off. We went inside and watched the video. It all clicked in my head, and I got the kite in the air after fixing our setup problems. It had me grinning endlessly once I understood how to move it. The amount of control, precision, and speed it has just blew my mind, even in the two days I got to fly it. The winds were relatively strong and constant, at least 10 miles an hour on both days (rather fast wind for a beginning Rev flyer), and the kite pulled me hard in the middle of the window. My dad has since dictated it my kite because, despite his best efforts, he can't seem to get it in the air. To his credit, there were quick connect hooks on the lines, handles, and bridles, and the lines had never been equalized. Within two days of research, I understood what we needed to do to make it more precise and I finally understood the concept of a wind window. The sheer amount of kiting information on the internet is mind boggling! I removed the quick connects and equalized the lines and it added a little more precision. I managed to learn sideways hovers and reverse flight and hovers (though it's still a little testy). Mostly I fooled around with the speed, propellor spins, crazy acrobatics, and power control that these kites offer. The last three days of the trip were rainy and unpleasant to kite in. So I researched more. When we arrived home, I machined some delrin bushings and pressed them into the ends of the handles (sans hooks) and cross drilled through them for a simple, long-lasting no-snag solution. I have some 175# bridle on the way to make adjustable leaders and can't wait to experiment with them. I understand that more brake will make the kite more controllable in reverse, and I want to actually hold a reverse hover. Long story short, I am a Rev addict and I'm never turning back. Flying it just makes me laugh and smile; it entertains me far more than flying a two line. I've watched videos featuring all of the Rev kites I can find, and really like the precision and smoothness that the Rev 1 offers. I'm eyeing a Sedgwick and also a B-series. I like the speed the 1.5 size offers, but I like the idea of the slowness of a Rev 1. I know I'll probably end up with a bag full of Revs, but which one should I go for after I've thrashed the EXP around a bunch? I'm leaning towards the familiar 1.5 size, plus the two frames just makes sense for a variety of wind conditions. I don't know if I'll be able to try any out locally, are there any Kentuckiana-area Rev flyers around? Thanks to all who post here with valuable information, and thank you for reading. All the best, Thomas
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