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  1. I don't have a ton of experience yet but if you are experiencing uncontrollable spirals you might want to confirm the lines lengths are equal
  2. The weather has finally turned really nice here in the Heart of America with 14 mph winds......that means just one thing, a good night to fly the kites. A staked down my 9' delta and practiced with my Rev. I'm still learning to fly the Rev but feeling more confident each trip out.
  3. Sounds like a solid plan, my friend. Thanks!
  4. Yesterday was a good day to Quad. The cold weather let up and temps were in the 60s with good winds so I took the Revolution out to my favorite field for some quality time. The Rev is new to me and I probably have < 5 hours time on the kite. I'm definitely getting more skilled and confidence.
  5. My son moved to San Francisco a week ago. I'm looking forward to visiting him in the new future and drop down to the beach for some kite flying!
  6. I got out again yesterday and had good luck with the lines. There......I said it! I just hope I didn't jinx myself!
  7. I need to work on my line management a bit too. Seems I still end up with line twists. One of the Youtube videos on line management seems pretty straight forward. I'll check out the IKE forum too! Thanks!
  8. I recently purchased a Rev 1.5.....my first exposure to quad line kiting. The first time out was an unpleasant experience. The kite kept crashing upside down and the lack of consistent wind and a novice pilot caused me to continually run down and flip the kite manually. Add in the temp in the 90s and high humidity and it was a nasty night. Tonight was the second time out and was much more successful! I read the manual (aka RTFM) and watch the videos. I still landed it upside down quite a few times but now I've learned to flip the kite with the controls. There was much more wind tonight....perhaps too much at times.....but I was able to control the kite and put the brakes on to slow it down. A much more enjoyable experience!
  9. Thanks. I'll be sure to check the lines and swap out the tubes. Technically, I'm a member of a local kite club (kckiteclub.org) as they believe anybody who flies a kite is a member. My plan it to contact them to try to connect with someone that can help me get pointed in the right direction.
  10. I finally decided to bite the bullet and bought a Rev 1.5 SLE. I was like a nervous kid waiting for it to be delivered. I'm experienced flying dual line kites but this will be my first quad. I'm hoping for good winds tomorrow to break her in. Let's get the first noob question out of the way. This kite was delivered with an extra set of shafts that are market ultralight. What would be the indication that I need to switch to these shafts?
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