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  1. My wife and I both added full sail New York Minutes yesterday, so we're up to 8 Revs now
  2. We are a long way from being able to fly in teams or grids or any of that. Still learning the basic maneuvers. But we'll be there to watch you masters of the lines doing your thing.
  3. Adding one more, I bought a red and black full vent B series today +1 (6)
  4. Hello, my name is Nick and I'm a Revaholic.
  5. We're pretty new but were introduced to Revs at WSIFK two years ago and will be there this year.
  6. We're up to 5 REvs now, a SuperSonic, and EXP, a 1.5 SLE standard sail, and yesterday my wife and I each got a 1.5 full vent SLE
  7. We planned to be there, but got delayed in Tucson because I had to have unplanned surgery for skin cancer. Hoping the docs will give me the go ahead to leave next week.
  8. We live and travel fulltime in our RV and were introduced to kite flying and Revs in particular at the kite festival in Long Beach, WA and were hooked! We make our living publishing an RV newspaper called the Gypsy Journal and I have posted a link to our new issue, which has coverage of the kite festival and the Kite Museum in Long Beach, if anyone would like to read it. http://gypsyjournal.net/NovemberDecember2013/NovemberDecember2013GypsyJournal.pdf
  9. Thanks everybody, I appreciate all of the input. Please keep them coming.
  10. Thanks, I'll check that. How do I avoid it in the future?
  11. Took the new Rev out today and flew for about 2 1/2 hours. The results were less than stellar. I was flying on a soccer field with no trees around and the wind was flakey, blowing really hard at times and then dying way down for a few minutes before coming up again. I know there is no substitute for time on the lines, but I could use some advice here. The kite would launch fine and I could fly across the wind window in either direction. Going right was okay, but when I went left, or sometimes as soon as I launched, the kite would start spinning quickly to the left over and over again until it just seemed to lose life and would flatten out and fall out of the sky. Sometimes the lines would wrap around the kite and flip it around. I tried working on just going up and down, as demonstrated in the Rev DVD and got it right a few times, but more often I'd go into that same death spin to the left.
  12. Didn't get to fly it today. Visiting daughter and it was granddaughter's birthday
  13. I am so pumped up, my first Rev arrived in the mail today, a beautiful electric blue and black 1.5 SLE that was my birthday gift from my wife. Can't wait to get out and fly it!
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