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  1. Yes,the Diamonds definitely have a faster return than rr's.
  2. I will say this, Diamonds in my vented B in 10-14 sure is sweet!!!
  3. Excellent advice Rich and Ben, thank you. I just need to fly them more. They do have more '' snap '' than RR's, and I haven't really put them '' through the paces'' only flew them twice in 0-4 winds and I definitely need more practice in those wind conditions . I will definitely keep them in my bag and fly them as often as possible. I'll edit my review in a few months after I've flown them a lot more. Thanks guys!!
  4. I weigh them just like in the picture, balanced in the center and ends not touching the ground. Battery is good, a nickel weighs 5g, so I know it's calibrated. I dunno, might try to find another scale, but I'm pretty sure this one is accurate. Like I said, there is a difference between the two sets, the Diamonds are stiffer and that's about it. Not any real difference in the weight. The center rod in the diamond set weighs 19.9-20.0 grams, and the center rod in the race set is 14.9grams
  5. Yes Wayne, you are correct. In weighing a frame set I will get 3-4 different weights within the same wrap. And my thoughts on this are, when you're talking Sul conditions, grams are like pounds. Every gram counts.
  6. Hey Rev flyer, love the ideas!!! I'm viewing from my phone, and when attempting to '' like'' your post, I think I may have hit '' report '' Sorry about that bro, totally unintended.
  7. Thank you for your experience Cass, I only tried them in my B standard sail, haven't tried them in my B full vent yet. I like the rods, just that I was expecting them to be lighter I guess. I hope my review doesn't come off as slamming them. I like them yes, but my rr 's would do the same job for me.
  8. I recently received my new Diamond rods from Ben and here's what I found. First off, they are not lighter than my race rods. My black race rods weigh 58.4 grams and my Diamonds weigh 59.5 grams. The heaviest rod is the center rod, which has the weight of 2 rods, right at 20 grams. I don't see how I can fly in a lower wind range with them as opposed to using the rr 's. They are stiffer than RR's, but that's about the only difference I was able to discern. They look great, and fly well, but, for the money, in My instance, don't really see the value in them, regular RR's would suffice. Don't get me wrong here, I LOVE my Revs and EVERYTHING about them, I just wasn't impressed with these new rods. I'd love to hear other opinions on these. Again, this is just my opinion of them, as I'm definitely not an iQuad quality flyer. Thank you.
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