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  1. Got the place to stay... I'll be there Thursday 'til Sunday ! Looking forward to it...
  2. I hope you can make it, too. I hope I make it this year, too, I can't believe I had to send my family & friends without me last year because I got sick at the last minute. Nothing like paying for a trip & condo and have to settle for pictures... I don't think I even got a crummy t-shirt out of the deal !
  3. Hey Mark, the festival is usually over Memorial Day weekend, end of May. And it's Wildwood, NJ. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Wildwood,+NJ+08260/@38.9878335,-74.8176785,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x89c0a56508521e6f:0x7b94d349e94a2872
  4. So, we're in the process of booking our condo for this year, saw this post came alive again. Getting psyched for this year ! We're going to have another family with us this year, so we have to find a bigger place. Kinda sad, because the place we've had the last few years had an awesome gameroom in the basement. Oh, well... looking forward to seeing you all out there in a few months !
  5. Oooops, forgot to add the Zen I added to the bag over the summer... That's 4 Revs for me so far...
  6. Some nice flying ! I was hoping you were going to throw it back out there after that enormous catch...
  7. Straight wrap or figure 8 wrap... I have had 50% success, 50% failure with both methods. By failure I mean the winder stuttering on the payout when unwinding the lines the next time I fly. It's nice when the lines payout cleanly, and only requires one hand to unwind. Maybe I'm winding too tight ?
  8. That kite is amazing ! It's more air than sail. Makes me wonder how it handles. He was flying it at Wildwood last year, the wind was gusting up close to 40mph. The full vent was pulling me around like a power kite.
  9. I agree, that design would be top of my list for next Rev. Can I get it in a Zen ?
  10. Gotta have something to do in between dives ! I did three dives per day when I was there, I couldn't tell you what I did in between....
  11. RobB

    Just Cool

    Cool, Liberty State Park... saw a couple of familiar faces in there, too ! Where was Sammy, though ?
  12. Well, count me in for 3 (so far...)
  13. Wow, nice control. I've only been flying Revs for a little while, and a video like that is good inspiration ! Thanks, ~Rob.
  14. Just out of curiosity, what are you looking to sell ? PM me if you want... I need a Rev I, a Zen, or a custom sail !
  15. Hey Rob... This 'Long Island'... You would think an island that has over 3 million people living on it would have more than 1 person who flies...
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