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  1. They are all spectra line. Thanks
  2. So that I could get four lines at 150#, I have to use two new ones and two old ones. Do you see any problems with that? The new ones are stiffer than old ones. I am wondering if the new ones could cut the old ones.
  3. I have never done a flick-flak. How do you do one?
  4. Sounds like i am going to have a lot of fun. Glad my 85' line will work. It will save me money. Thank you
  5. Thanks for your feedback. I was told that over 80 feet that it is more difficult to fly. Has that been your experience. I do not have the kite yet. I have 90# 120' line and 150# 85' lines. Sounds like that is all I need. Do you agree?
  6. Anyone with experience flying the Supersonic, I would appreciate some feedback. > What sizes handles are best? > What test line is best 90lb or 150lb? > How long should the line be? > For a standard sail - what is the best wind range? Thank you for your input.
  7. I use Laser Pro now. I am just wondering if the fishing line may work. Thanks for your feedback.
  8. The line I saw was made in the USA. And it is not suppose to stretch.
  9. Has anyone ever flown their Rev on a Spectra fishing line? Is there any difference been a Spectra fishing line vs a Spectra kite line? Or is it just marketing? I have been told by someone who sells Spectra fishing line that many people fly with it. The price of Spectra fishing line is much less expensive and seems like the thing to use if it works well. If anyone has experience with this, I would appreciate their feedback. Thanks
  10. Hi Dayton, I will be at TI as well. I am just 45 min away. I will look you up. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the insight. I got my stacking lines today. Still not sure about how to attach the center line. Does anyone have pictures on this. Thanks
  12. Has anyone experience their sails strenching abnormally because of the combination of vented and full sail. Since the wind will hit the sail differently because the vented kite is in front of the full sail the wind will hit the full sail manner not the same as if there was no kite in front of it.
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