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  1. Theresa, thank you very much.Embarcare on a plane ✈ in Madrid but do not know where I'll be down, I hope everything goes well . I hope to get, not like, but I come. Do feel good, thanks.
  2. Team bolau want to be this time with the American family of rev of Long Beach , We're trying to get our budget forces , working hard, the current cojuntura not help anything in Europe. It is my dream to fly with you and visit your land. I will certainly try, this time I have to do well, also coincide with the 25th anniversary of the company. I look around to find someone who speaks Spanish Sorry for my English translator. Saludos desde España.
  3. Felix is ​​a pleasure to have you with us.
  4. Thanks bro WEB IN ENGLISH You can select in the first page the ENGLISH option (please be patient because Schedule is still in Spanish) through the ENGLAND flag icon
  5. First of all, we want to thank you again for all the support towards 5thRevoclinic. It will be a new challenge for us, and we face it with excitement. It will be held in Gandía, 2th and 3rd March 2013. We think it's the perfect place for most of the participants and weather conditions are optimal. As usual, new rookie pilots will be specially treated and taken care one by one. We suggest all of you to bring all that people who like what you do and dream about being able to do it, too. All that people who stare at you in parks and beaches, who feel curious, and stay behind us just looking and clapping at the end.It's the moment to motivate them, talk about it, encourage them and bring them to the Revoclinic. They are essential to keep the avocation to our beloved kite. We want to consolidate the rookies from past year, and see them again. They loved the experience and we need them to keep the wheel rolling. The trainers will be nationwide renowned. We will try again to receive some international pilot to share his experience. As in past editions, we'll make the learning process fun and dynamic. The schedule will be maximized to benefit from the brief weekend. Once again, we'll insist in the idea of team flying, and encourage you to do it; without being afraid of screwing it up. All of us passed through it and learnt, and we'll show you techniques to be less worried about that and enjoy the moment. This edition we'll focus in set up a megateam in rows and columns, different from other clinics but we need to know it well, because the window is small with so many of us. It's a way to get it done and play with all the possibilities. Come, get closer and show what you've got and learn what you want. Closer airports are: - Valencia (VLC) Distance to Gandía beach, where Revoclinic is held: 81,2 km. (56 min by car, follow AP-7) - Alicante (ALC) Distance to Gandía beach, where Revoclinic is held: 125 km. (1h 19min by car, follow AP-7) REVOCLINC 2013 FACEBOOK
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    From the album: Friends

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    bag of kites was the tablecloth to eat
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