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  1. You know who they are..... These are the folks who have caused some beaches to ban or restrict stunt kite flying. Well, I was witness to a group of Kite Yahoos yesterday at Pawley's Island. It's a predictable scene: The kite comes with the cheap plastic handles vs. a lineset and straps and they try to fly it by letting out about 20 feet of line. Probably a good thing because they're within 10 feet of sunbathers. The 'stance' is the predictable flying with arms outstreched in a giant "Y" formation. Attempting to fly with no orientation as to where the wind is coming from. Remember, we're at the beach, folks. Little Kite Yahoo, Jr. is flying a $1 single line kite (actually doing better than Mr. and Mrs. Kite Yahoo) which eventually gets tangled in the stunt kite's lines. Of course, there's lots of screaming and yelling. Yeah, I was a noob once, too. I'm always happy to gently give a few pointers to help a new flyer on their way but Kite Yahoos are best avoided. The best you can hope for is that they'll crash it enough to eventually break it and that's the end of their involvement. See you next summer, Kite Yahoos!!!!
  2. Both. And when somone comes up and starts asking some serious questions as in they want to get into kiting it makes it all the more worthwhile.
  3. Here's the hard truth: Unless you own the beach where you're flying, it's not yours to mark off. Yeah, you can ask people to please not park themselves where you're flying but if they don't you're really not in a position to make them leave.
  4. Inevitably some dingus will plop their beach towel, umbrella, and self in the middle of where you're flying no matter how you mark it.
  5. What movie was that? I'm thinking the "victim" was Hugh Grant and the "pilot" was Tom Arnold. Am I correct? Anyone know a youtube vid link? EDIT: it was indeed a scene with Tom Arnold and Hugh Grant....the opening scene from "nine months".
  6. another great source of flying music on the cheap is www.magnatune.com none of this stuff...regardless of genre...is mainstream but what the hey...
  7. almost forgot... "Deadly Handsome Man" by Marcy Playground. Great trick-flying tune.
  8. Dug out some old cassettes... The Sugarcubes: "Life's Too Good" Big Dipper: "Heavens" Megadeth: "Anarchy in the UK"
  9. There's no camping allowed on Pawley's Island...probably because there's simply no place to camp.
  10. I've heard bits and pieces that one of the popular Eastern Florida beaches prohibits kite flying. I can't remember the source.
  11. I don't think that stunt kite flying is prohibited on Myrtle Beach/Surfside/Garden City per se (as in a specific ordinance) but the beach patrol (again, contracted by the city) has some lattitude to decide what in their opinion is "safe" and what isn't. Of course, the policy was a "blanket" one. The individual who had the contract with Myrtle Beach was an obnoxious, arrogant male of Middle Eastern or Persian extraction. He liked to cruise up and down the beach in this huge, black SUV equipped with all sorts of psuedo-law enforcement lighting. His demeanor was hilarious. "I rule the beach" he'd say. Yeah, right. He ruled the beach...and his private parasailing/sailboat rental business...to the point where he was investigated and subsequently arrested, charged, and convicted of any number of things including unlawful possession of firearms and now Mr. "I rule the beach" is serving time at the Broad River Correctional Facility (state prison) in Columbia. I love a story with a happy ending. NO HASSLES whatsoever flying at Pawley's Island.
  12. Someone told me that Daytona Beach prohibits stunt kites. The beach patrol at Myrtle Beach has certainly been known to 'harass' kite flyers but my experience was ten years ago and the person who ran the beach patrol (contract with city) is now in prison. Anyway...any public beaches where kites are prohibited? Could save someone some grief when planning a vacation or trip.
  13. Your chances of having equalized lines are better if: 1. You ensure your sleeving is all of equal length 2. You pre-stretch your line before cutting it in half or quarters. 3. You ensure the 'free' end of the line coming out of the end of the sleeving is all the same length (I go a half-inch). This morning I finished a 50' dual line set I had started (cough, cough) about SEVEN YEARS AGO but never finished meaning I cut a 100' length of line, put four pieces of sleeving on it and tied the ends but never did anything else but put it on a winder. After I finished it I used the equalizer to check it. Perfecto!
  14. Let me see if I can upload a pic of a Moran equalizer tool "in use"...
  15. I've been looking to buy a Climax line winder or two for just this purpose. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be available in the US.
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