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  1. Stroke Survivor, at this point I'm still learning whats right or better so I'm open to the correct path. I'm just looking to make my own line set(s) rather than paying for them, I look at it as part of the hobby as I do with R/C plane building from scratch. I love the shorter lines and been praticing catching and hand launching with some 30 footers but would like to go even shorter. any suggestions from the more experienced would be appreciated (line type,#, sleeves vs no sleeves ect) Thanks so much for the support! Flew last night for over 2 hrs. Love these things! Lom
  2. Yes, RevWizzard, I did mean making my own set of lines & Tying these loops NOT Splicing two sets together. Thanks, Lom
  3. Hello, long time no post! Hope everyone is having their share of wind, U.S. In Ohio most definitely are. Quick question, is there a how to video or PDFs description on how to splice and tie your own lines for the Rev? Been flying mine on 30 footers and practicing hand launches and would like to try some shorter lines. I purchased a splitter needle ( I guess that's what they call it,lol) but can't really find anything explaining how to use it or make lines. Thanks Lom
  4. Hey all! Couple semi newbie questions, where can one buy a pre made set of 30 foot lines? I have and flown on 50 footers and love it! If I can't buy them pre-made is there a video on how to, as I've never made them and do I need any special tools to do it. I can't wait till the wind starts to pick up here in Ohio...woot, woot! Thanks! Lom
  5. Hey folks, couple quick questions. I'm getting ready to order my second Rev ( a full vented 1.5). What is the " Race Frame" considered as far as wraps go? There is no feathers on mine, just says race frame. I was planning to get a 2 wrap with my new one considering my first one came with a 3 wrap and a race frame. I'm looking at the Barresi signature series for my second Rev. I already have several line length sets (120,80,50 footers) so I should be set on the line stuff. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for the support up to this point. I LOVE This thing. It gets better everytime I go out. Just started learning the inverted side slide the other night...it just started clicking and I was like "Yes"! Thanks again! Let me know. Lom
  6. My appologies if this topic has already been posted. Tonight I practiced my Inverted Hovers and Inverted flight from the top of the window and stopping it just above the ground (cool)! Although I will keep praticing this and other things, I really like to start working on the slow moon walk. I think those look so cool. Is there any simple exercise or starting point or process you all can suggest? There doesnt seem to be too many videos (that I have found) on this manuver. Although Iwas up to my ankles in water in the grass tonight (3 Days of rain here) I had a blast! Lom
  7. Is the correct address for this event 7850 VOA park drive in West Chester Ohio? Lom
  8. OK, so if I understand, all I need is a Full vented 1.5 purchased with a 4 wrap. This combined with what I already have (B series standard vent with standard and race frame) and I should be able to mix n match whatever I need? So would it stand to say that for the full vent on a windy day I should use the 4 wrap and if I wanted to smoothly fly it on lower wind days I could insert the lighter frames ( standard or race)? Thanks Do they ever have a get together around the Ohio area for these? Lom
  9. Being new and not fully understanding the differences between all these frames, which ones should I look at, SLE, EXP,B series, ZEN, ohh so many choices, just want to make the right one for long term. Thanks again, appreciate the help! Lom
  10. I did get what they call the Race frame with the standard frame ( sorry I don't know what the "Rev" terms are yet). I have been flying it with the standard frame in it, the race frame is still sealed up. I'll have to look at this full vent and 4 wrap option you mentioned. Thanks so much! Lom
  11. Hello Members Looking for some future advice on my next Rev purchase. I currently have the B 1.5 Standard Vent Night Series with 3 different line sets. I was satrting to look at what my next one could be. I noticed with this one the other day that I was getting a lot of sail whipping (not sure if this is the "Rev" term but) during some high wind gusts which statred me to think about a second kite with a different vent set up. I would like to keep the cost down by using my current handles and line sets. So any sugestions would be appreciated. I would like something that could shed some of these higher wind days and fly at a more consistant speed (if possible with these Ohio winds). I have tried several different settings on my handles and found the 3rd knot in and the first knot in works best for my liking and I like best my 50' lines. Thanks Lom
  12. OK, so is there a specific thread type that is used when sewing the different colors together or just your standard thread?
  13. So do you all reccomend cuttting the available purcahsed 2" wide down to 1" and if so would one assume that if you did cut it down do you cut it wide enough to allow for a folded over hemm seam on each side that should be sewn? (to prevent fraying after the width is narrowed down) What type of thread is used to sew the different lengths of colors together, say if your making your own 50-100' tails in several different colors? Thanks Lom
  14. I found some 2" wide icarex, would that be too wide I wonder? If not what exactly is this " hot cut" method consist of?
  15. I figured the tubes would create too much drag. Where does one find the strips or material that you speak of? As I mentioned, I would prefer to just purchase the tail(s) ready to attach n fly. Thanks
  16. I'd like to order a second line set for my Rev and at the same time I would like to order a Tail for it as well (just for fun). Can someone comment what a good length of Tail is and to use a Tube or Strip material. I've read through the posts and seen many mentions of making your own but I've seen some already made up that I would consider versus making one. Most of what I've read, 1" wide is the common size but the tubes I see for sale are usually 3" so I'm a little confused on this subject. It's going to be used on my 1.5 B and mabe even use it on my Prism Delta and possibly my Power Kite. Thanks Lom
  17. Starting up high is exactly where I am having the issue of not being able to slow the decent down in order to transition into a full hover. I have been forcing myself to land inverted only to practice low inverted hovering. For the record I am flying with a purpose and not just flying around, that gets old really fast for me. I have no issues with flying time when I can get it. Thanks for the help! Lom
  18. Did some more flying tonight, love this thing! Is there any videos explaining the inverted hover and landing? I tried most of the night but I could not get the kite to slow enough to transition it to a hover after I inverted it. Worked on angle decents (if thats what they are called) from both corners of the box onto each tip and standing it on single tips, spins and stopping when I wanted, square loops, figure 8's (need some work to make both ends semetrical). Anyhow I had a blast. Would like some tips on this inverted stuff. Thanks! Lom
  19. Wow,wow,wow...just what is this chicken thang all about. where I live we can't have animals...lol I'll get PETA called on me Lom
  20. Well, what a difference having the rods on the correct side AND getting one on one tutoring from an expert makes! Hooked up with Dayton Dave " Cadguy" had some very good conversation and after I learned what not to do, I actually spent a good bit of my time actually flying...won't woot! although nothing fancy I was able to practice the basic stuff. Wow, my face is a little sore from the smile. Thanks so much for your time tonight Dave! I do appreciate it. It's folks like you and on this Forum that will grow this hobby cause now I am the latest infected Rev flyer looking to tag someone...lol Awesome night with the Rev. Lom
  21. Cadguy, I too work in Sidney (at Emerson) I leave about 3:45 myself. If we could set something up that would be nothing short of awesome!!! I live only 5 miles south of my employment. I can pm or email you my contact information if you like. Yes my handles do have the multiple pigtailed knots on it. Thanks for replying. It was late ( for me) last night when I did a search to find where you were located but never expected to be this fortunate. Let me know. Tonight works great for me, I was planning another frustrating night of trying it again with the thing assembled correctly...lol. Lom
  22. Well, about 2 hrs of attempt amounted to about 5 minutes of actual flight time...Errr! came in after winding by cell phone light, lol, never do that again, started to read some threads here. Specifically the one titled Rods on Front or Back....well do you suppose this could be contributing to me being frustrated? I thought to myself, I think that's how I've been assembling it so I got out the kite and assembled it in the living room ( got some strange looks lol) and sure enough this is what I've been doing. This I hope explains it going straight up and most of the time coming back down. Ohh boy, what a dufuss! Go ahead laugh, I deserve it. I hope this will help the control ability. Try again tomorrow if the weather permits. Lom
  23. So, where is a good point to set my lines to on my handles? I realize this is all a preference but I'm just looking for a decent starting point, there's got to be a recommended starting point. I may get out tonight if this breeze keeps up till supper is done. Lom
  24. I'll have to see if I can find and see if Dave is willing to help me. If I can learn the basics on these controls I will try n practice those small steps you mentioned. My issue is this thing launching straight up and then I find myself trying to learn the control inputs like right now! This most all the time leads to over steering and back on the ground....part of learning I guess. I thought I would be able to at least just get the kite up and not do any tricks but just fly it but I found that the first time out " just flying" it was the trick and everything you do and style you use on dualies gets thrown out the window! Lom
  25. I about 30 miles north of Dayton, between Dayton and toledo. All I know is the kite came with a frame installed and a race frame packaged separately. I know all this is basic 101 to you folks but hey we all gotta start somewhere and I just want to be sure I'm giving myself a chance to be somewhat sucessfull. Thanks! Lom
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