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  1. I am just looking at getting my first Rev and was wondering if there was anybody on this forum who is flying Rev's in or around Hampshire in the UK? Are there any good sites to fly at in that area and where would I be likely to meet other Rev flyers as it would be good to get some tips and advice? Many thanks Bill
  2. Thanks everybody for the really useful advice. I think I am pretty much settled now on getting a standard 1.5B as a package, and then in a few months time look to pick up a vented 1.5B. I understand that finding a mentor would be the best plan, anyone know of anyone flying Rev's in or around Hampshire in the UK? I'm definitely going to try and get to teh Portsmouth Kite Festival later in the summer. Bill
  3. Thanks for all of the advice so far. It is hard to say what the normal wind range that I will fly in would be as it depends if I am inland or on the coast but I guess it will mostly be between 5 & 15mph. I am not saying I will never buy a second Rev simply that at the moment (and for the next few months) I can only afford one and want to make sure I get the most appropriate one first! At the moment I am leaning towards getting the standard first, it seems to cover the wind range I am likely to encounter and as a beginner I am less likely to fly the Rev in higher winds initially I think - have other kites I can fly then That would then mean I could get a full vent later. Would that be the way? Bill
  4. I am looking to buy my first Rev, and unfortunately I am on a budget so can only afford one! Having read some of the threads on this forum I have decided (I think) on a Rev 1.5B but what I am not sure about and would welcome some advice on is which 1.5B to get ie standard, mid vent or full vent. We generally get plenty of breeze down here in the south of England and so it's likely that I will do most of my flying in winds between 5 and 20mph. Ideally I guess I would have several kites but at the moment it has to be just one, so which one? Thanks Bill
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