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  1. Hi Acrilix. Good news to hear of other Bedford flyers. Two Barresi full sails in one swoop? NICE! (excellent choice I hear) And you're giving a 1.5 to a mate? Why dont I have mates that give me their Rev? Great to know that there are other locals who own and fly. Little bit jealous you have a bro and a mate who are in the Rev owners club. Cheers for the welcome!!
  2. I know I haven't been on the forum long and this is my second topic. But been out for a fly this p.m. and my hovering Rev was accompanied by a Red Kite (the bird). No spare hands to take a pic but the thrill was massive. A moment when I wished I could get to my phone for a pic. I have no proof but it was magic. The bird seemed intrigued for a couple of mins. Then moved on. Awesome! Anyone else had an event like that?
  3. Oapbillf, thanks for the nod. Distance to Dunstable isn't my problem but time is! Definitely want to head that way tho. I will be there at some point. Where abouts do you fly? Where do you park etc?
  4. Thanks. Your pic was one which caught my attention so it's ironic you've replied. I had been drooling over the blue/lime SLE for a long time and just before buying, the new colour scheme came out. Only got a JB cos the shop didn't have the SLE colour I wanted. Are yours SLE's or other? Are they stacked in that pic?
  5. Hi fellow Rev people. I've just landed in this forum. Really glad to be here. Been watching the forum from a distance for a while and been waiting for the £ to build up for my first Rev. Finally I am in the owners club! I'll be stringing along and trawling through this catalogue of information to develop my pilot skills. I can see I've got a lot to learn, but very happy to have officially made it in to the owners club. I have learned a lot just reading some of the threads. I've got a Barresi full sail. Only flown it once- first outing last week, still in good condition too . I've aspired to buy a Rev for about 4 years since seeing them fly at a kite festival. They are something else. Other drains on the wallet kept pushing it aside. Looking forward to meeting other pilots as I haven't seen anyone flying a Rev outside of a kite festival....YET. So hello and thanks for this place to meet. Hope to share the experience with some of you. Yessssssss!
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