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  1. I've used this to take them on airplanes. Not one gives it a second look.
  2. My two cents from someone who's been flying semi-regularily for about two years. I've never flown an EXP, but I do have an SLE that I'd usually fly with the thinner 3-wraps (not the SLE). I can tell a difference between my SLE and the way my various B series kites fly. That said, I couldn't tell you exactly WHAT that difference is, other then they feel ... different. It's a good different, but my skills aren't anywhere near the point where I could detail it. ... or probably fully appreciate it for that matter.
  3. Where do you live, SlyDancer? I'm in Holland quite a bit over the summer.
  4. Reviving an old topic ... I'm staying at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco next week near Sue Bierman park. I won't have a lot of time while I'm in town, but I was hoping there might be some place close (walking distance ideally) I could fly for a few hours on Sunday morning, or a bit during the evenings? Any suggestions?
  5. Percy, Where in the Netherlands are you? I'm going to be spending some time in Germany (Papenburg, about 45 mins from Groningen) this summer and would be happy to show you a few things. I'm far from an expert, but I could at least get you started.
  6. I'm out of here tomorrow (Thursday) morning and I don't think the schedule will allow for any more flying while I'm here. The wind has been kind of crappy, anyhow. I think I need to bring a vented kite next time ... but I need to buy one first. I did try Haulover beach which worked out good (note to self: apparently it's a nude beach, who knew?) but I wish I would have seen that area just south of the beach that you were mentioning, that looks interesting for flying. I don't really care for the sand you guys have on the beaches down here. Maybe next time I'm in town I'll try and hook up with you guys again. Thanks! Swannie
  7. Damn! Once again, my timing is off ...
  8. I'm going to be in Miramar for 4 days next week, where are some good spots to fly? I'm not sure what my schedule is going to be yet, but I think I may have some opportunities during the day...
  9. Damnit... Now I need a quad copter in addition to a vented sail ...
  10. Awesome, thanks for the info!
  11. Cool, thanks for the info! I thought I read that the B2 is a slightly different size then the Rev II ... Is that anything to be worried about when buying a frame?
  12. Hi all, I have an older Rev II with a two piece leading edge. Looking at the newer frames available, it looks like those have a three piece LE? Is that the case? I ask because I'd like to take it with me on an upcoming trip to Spain and the LE I have a little long to fit inu suitcase ... Thanks!
  13. Well, I flew a little bit this afternoon, winds weren't great for the supersonic, but I had it up for a few minutes after making some adjustments. Now it only seems to be bunching up on the right-hand side of the kite, so I might make that side a little tighter. One thing I noticed, and I'm not sure if it's related or not, is that the leading edge material is very stiff compared to my 1.5 (which I also had out this afternoon). They appear, visually at least. If it is the same material, I'm guessing it's because it hasn't been broken in yet? Could this be binding on the LE and contributing to inability of the bungees to stretch the sail? Thanks! Brian
  14. Yup - described it better then me.
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