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  1. Quite possibly into some vent positioning play at the moment.
  2. Now ...about those Magic Sticks. I am having a love affair with the Zen,Diamonds,and Sticks. I have flown the 2wrap/race combo ...it works well..but Diamonds,Diamonds....Diamonds!
  3. Scott Benz

    Wildwoods International Kite Festival 2014

    Sure hope I can make it... alot of fun last year and speaking of lights..Here is the preliminary run from last year at Wildwood. Light play:
  4. Scott Benz

    Ben's Farewell

    ....in our hearts...always!
  5. Scott Benz

    Wildwoods International Kite Festival 2014

    Idk about that one. With the sail being lit...you lose the need for that brightness in my opinion. Being back-lit. .it was clearly visible as to the orientation of the kite.....unless you were doing some photography. .then the bright led would help. Just my preference. .
  6. Scott Benz

    Wildwoods International Kite Festival 2014

    Here's a couple on the Shook Mesh from the front.
  7. Scott Benz

    Wildwoods International Kite Festival 2014

    Wayne.... I used them in the same manner and work fine... But with the sticks,each light projects about a 9" diameter light pattern on the sail. Way more dynamic than anything out there imho. From the front spectacular. .from the rear (spectators) the whole sail is lit with a luminescent glow...almost worth getting some of those light poles I had 6...normally only used 2..one on each wingtip. Never weighed..but a single led,wafer battery,and simple plastic housing...key chain sized light.
  8. Scott Benz

    Global Rev Count.

    -2 exp +1 B Pro standard (11)
  9. I am like Paul. I spank my diamonds pretty hard and have yet to break one(since T.i.). I usually fly them in 3mph and under...but at Wildwood I pushed the envelope some and ran them in some good wind with a standard sail and they still survived. I also follow the 2 frame routine...but with black race as the second option.
  10. Scott Benz

    Wildwoods International Kite Festival 2014

    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k1movjyebbsk0qs/AADGqPljL-fsyoFzOK7uppr_a Pics from the adventure. I agree with everything mentioned above. Awesome experience! Nothing like being surrounded and learning from the best in the sky...
  11. Scott Benz

    Quad sticks

    Once the sticks are installed...it is really no more time and effort involved. I do see a learning curve change with sticks.the classic "training wheel".a light wind glide a different characteristics. On a good or mild wind day, my only benefits are recovery and slack line "storage" of the kite on the ground when not on use. I will continue flying them and will have a kite with a set for learners and roll up tricks... but still prefer my kites without them. Just my flavor for now..
  12. Scott Benz

    EXP vs SLE vs B-series

    All I have is a B standard with either black race..or diamond rods..and maybe 50# line. Some will agree ...some won't. But some of these sails are not needed. It will boildown to time and technique...and how much effort you want to put onto it to acheive your percieved "happy spot"
  13. Scott Benz

    Lines for Rev SLE 1.5 for beginner

    I fly alone 99% of the time. If there is wind and room..the 120s are coming out! Just gives you sooo much area to play with.
  14. Scott Benz

    Spectra Fishing Line vs Spectra Kite Line

    Most people don't want to make lines... I ran into this recently. If done right..you can make LPG linesets at a savings by buying bulk. Yes..it is time consuming,finger knumbing,brain teasing...but it is a learning experience also that you can pass along. Buy a big roll of bulk line and make everyone you know line sets! It wont be much more moolah in the end.
  15. Scott Benz

    Quad sticks

    Revflyer...your zen doesnt need a pilot.. the thing wants to fly and glide with out you