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  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha - you been talking to Rich Comras?????????????????????
  2. My first break through with Revs and control came from flying to music and maintaining control: Speed Series flown to "Devil went down to Georgia" AND very slow orchestral pieces. To fly the fast kite to SLOW music was the biggest help. 1.5 (any kind) to the same extremes. Light touch on the bottom lines - they're your 'steering wheel'
  3. That's fine - you know where I live - send me all the money you want!!!Eliot
  4. Hi, everyone - it's Eliot responding under Cath's ID again... No black center panels (too tough to even think about doing our "signature" compass rose). No template or "colorizer" (hey, I'm lucky to get hold of many of the Icarex colors these days). No Rev 1 or Rev II Mesh (we've all thought about it, but, why mess with a good mesh?). Remember, each of the Mesh kites are unique - NO DUPLICATE color schemes or patterns. Eliot
  5. Wayne, I feel bad for you - you just keep stepping into it !!! LOL Have Rich give you AND Katrina a hug for me next time you see him! Cath
  6. Wayne, no problem since Eliot did have a picture of a 3 series. Just a matter of getting him to dig it all out. The kite was developed to smooth out and lessen the pull - if one is out for a couple of hours, once in awhile, who cares. But if one is out all day, and often, then less pull allowed me to fly for longer periods and more often. Not sure how 'just a kite' created the uproar! And as Ben said,
  7. Hey, folks, this is Eliot writing under Cath's ID... The best response in this whole string is: 100% = Full-vent 75% = Twix a full-vent and a mid-vent 40% = Mid-vent In the attached photo, the kite on the left is "75%", the center kite is "100%" and kite on the right is "40%". Please note that I identify all the "75%" and "40%" kites and mark them accordingly.
  8. Hey folks - Eliot's ALWAYS have a solid center panel with the Rev logo, and after the first few, they also have the compass rose. Full mesh center panel is either Alden's g-string/Vickie or a chinese knockoff. FYI, after 6 years of flying this design, I still love the smoothness of it! Cath
  9. Yep, Eliot periodically receives a couple from Rich - fixes that screen issue - and sends them back to Rich for further "use"
  10. Stay safe in the cleanup phase too! Laura Berg, and the rest of the east coast flyers - hope you're well too. Cath Southern Shores and North on Rt. 12 to Corolla is passable and, from current reports, no problems.
  11. Best Rev 'how to' that I've seen (and wish they'd bring it back - as a solo DVD for customers even) was the low wind demo with Dave ?Shenkman?
  12. Tom, you mean the Victoria's Secret Kite?? Eliot says "that's not a mesh, it's a ripstop covered frame. Rev will never sanction it - there's no place for the Logo!" Hope All of you are going to Ocean City MD this weekend - we're closed for the weekend to go up there. See Ya' Soon Jay!
  13. Nicely said! Alden has done the Spaghetti Mesh!
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