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  1. I put my full sail pro with Diamonds away around 10 mph, can get scary when you Hit forward and a gust arrives at that Exact Time ! Love these rods and from my limited experience on 4 lines , 2 to 9 with no issues . Tune with a Ton of Brake and most will find these spars to be Not Fragile Your mileage may vary -
  2. Mid vent is my most needed wing and a a pro vent is a Long Way Off
  3. Aau basketball tournament in Pittsburg that weekend ......
  4. Yep If the kite allows I would bet we could figure it out .
  5. Some thoughts on the Diamond sticked B series pro that Paul and I ran thru its paces early Saturday morning in Zero to 1.3 ....................WOW I only have a year on the Handles with 4 lines and summer time was mostly Tough learning the low wind thing,we ain't got no wind for a few months. I found my self standing on the field handles in hand and kite on the ground thinking wt^!? am doing out here this is way too hard and I should be flying 2 lines but with some help,advice from my Quad friends,determination and hours on the field...would guess 500 hrs,I'm starting to get it,actually a couple weeks ago my wife asked if I was going to fly and I said no the winds suck and she surprisingly said and I quote " don't chastise me for saying this hon but you used to fly dual lines in any condition" Well when she said that,my full sail was on Bazzer's Table. Here's hoping this is the tool I need to start honing with Well there is no Doubt about it, this full sail Pro framed in Diamond rods is IT ! Amazing in low wind, I was able to keep up with(well sort of) Paul's Zen, could handle any part of the window and Lamasters has a Huge Window. We flew for 8 hrs and in the afternoon winds came up to 7-8 mph and that breeze did Not phase the frame at all, just tuned with my leaders and kept on flying. Went up to the Hill Sunday and switched to black race frame due to 9mph winds and the kite felt like a completley different sail. Very Nice but different The only race rods I have had are green race in my vented Pro and they fit the situation fine most Times but I love the Snap of the Diamond and black race rods, don't think at this point anyways that I need the 2 and 3 wrap frames anymore they feel like protruded rods since Having time on the Diamonds. I Love the diamond frame and the full sail Pro ain't bad either
  6. You won't need any of your kites with Rich the on the field . The Pusher Man can you say Holes
  7. Thank you Quad Father for that infomative response.I'm taking notes and will make that call ......for 3 sets
  8. Pulled the trigger on a full sail pro and wonder if maybe the a SUL configured kite may have been a better choice? SUL = ? I assume lighter,no LE edge material? Lighter weight bridle ? I spent the summer on a stretched out loud b series factory kite framed p90 outer le 2 wrap middle 3 pt tapered downs per LaMasters in the low wind conditions,got along once I learned to stroll with it. Thinking a pro with a Diamond frame may go at least as low as my low wind beater b ?????
  9. Greetings Rob ! Funny finding you here - These guys got 4 lines .
  10. Ran up go the hill after work to get some flight time with a Rev, got there and of course the wind died to nothing till I got my bag open. My no wind skills are pretty much none existent with a Rev so tied on my dual line Vanishing Point for a while then heard thunder,checked the map on my phone and storm popped up a little ways off. Yeah well no wind and I really wanted to fly my Rev and being on the highest point around probably was not a good idea . Rolled up my Two lines packed up,rain started on the way to my car and saw 4 lightning bolts out in the distance, timing is everything then as I stepped on to the parking lot BANG AND SIZZEL.... Lightning struck on the kite field within 100 feet of where I was set up !
  11. Ha ha Paul,just a hack with a lot of time at the end of the lines. Cookies, humm I like cookies . Looking forward to flying with you guys SOON !
  12. My name is Rick and I'm from south east Pa.I am Addicted to kite flying so I know I'm speaking to the right people that share my addiction .I fly pretty much every day when the season allows, day light and work make it tough certain times of the year. Kite flying for me has been strictly Dual line for the last 15 or so years probably have at least 10,000 hours on the end of the lines. Well about 5 months ago a friend of mine that I got into kitiing decided to sell this kites and asked if I knew anyone who wanted to to by them....A Widow Maker and a B Series Rev,well no one but me was going to own my Joes kites but me, and so it begins Again except my new addiction is Attached to 4 lines. I have read pretty much every post on this forum and have a few 100 hours with the Handles in my hands over the winter. Got to fly shoulder to shoulder with Paul LaMasters,Paul Dugard, Scotty Weider,Mike Mosman at Sandy point at the bay bridge in Md which was the most imtimadating kite flying I have EVERY DONE ...all those LINES but got thru it and didn't take any one down Anyway just wanted to say hi and that I have joined the Dark Side,,have not givin up the two lines completly but sure having a Good Time on 4 Rick
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