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  1. I have both the standard and vented Supersonic and I prefer the vented version. It is a lot smoother and more controllable than the standard, and you won't really notice the slight decrease in speed. It's my goto kite for high wind fun
  2. Destroy them! Although it may seem wasteful, you have a reputation for building quality kites. It might bite you in the a** later because one day it might show up in someone else-es hands and all they see is a inferior product. Just another point of view................
  3. If you look at the laptop screen you'll see the doc was looking at dirty kite pictures
  4. I believe the Shockwave was the first of the speed series, the Supersonic came later. The Supersonic is a little smaller than the Shockwave. I prefer the Supersonic, especially the vented version.
  5. Hey Bart, nice video. How did you mount the Ipod to your hat?
  6. I wear a blindfold, it blocks out 100% of the UV and it blocks out 100% of the light also. Maybe that's why I can't fly my kites very good. DOH!
  7. Rev Bicycles? So that's where all those SLE rods are going.....................
  8. The 9's should be strong enough.
  9. Probably from the 7.2 in Baja Ca.
  10. I feel more comfortable with the 150# lines, and don't bother with race rods for the Supersonic. Both the Shockwave and Supersonic need the thicker SLE leading edge to fly properly , other people have tried the skinnier rods and were unhappy with the results. I don't think Race Rods are available for the speed Series anyway. Short handles (9 in.?) are better as the Supersonic is very sensitive. Hope this is helpful:)
  11. I think the shockwave was the first in the speed series revs and it was my first rev which was an interesting experience. It's fast and pulls harder the faster it goes so one has to be careful not to let things get out of hand. I prefer the supersonics especially the vented version, just as fast if not faster but more controllable. Both the shockwave and supersonic do outrageous spins and side slides.
  12. I have both Supersonics and also live inland with bumpy winds. The vented version is smoother but also a little slower. But if your winds are more like 8mph and up I would go for the unvented version. The Supersonics do great side slides and are a blur on the spins. Rev II's are another option.
  13. Gomberg has some 5ft. long x 6 in. wide for $6, just fold over the excess. https://www.gkites.com/store/ It looks like Into The Wind has has a better selection http://www.intothewind.com/shop/Line_and_Accessories/Kite_Packs_and_Cases
  14. Just an old fart who likes to fly kites.

  15. Seems like there are fewer new post on Kitelife since the format change. I find more new stuff on the GWTW forum. I have no issues with the current revkites forum format. Changes in forum formats is good only if it encourages people to use it:)
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