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  1. FYI, I have decided to no longer keep up with the count. If someone else would like to take over, shoot me an email (myusername at hotmail) and I will be happy to send you the excel sheet I have from the last update.
  2. Joanna, that kite looks amazing in the air. Very Nice!
  3. There's a cure for that feeling...
  4. I was thinking more about a record for accumulation rate. You may not have the most, but I am certain that the others didn't get all of theirs in less than a year. Not difficult to tell that the bug has bitten you hard. I'm a bit jealous.
  5. Dude, are you trying to set a record?
  6. Paul, I show you at 60 now. No more 50 something Everyone, I apologize for the delay, but I have finally got the list updated. The first post reflects the latest counts. -B
  7. Marshall, you are a beast! JB, your precipitous drop actually didn't hurt too much. My personal update +5 (13) I now have: Sonic Vented B2 Rev 1 Rev 1.5SLE Rev II Zen B-Pro Standard B-Pro MidVent B-Pro FullVent Shook 75% Shook 100% Shook 135% (The first one sold!) Indoor
  8. I only got to fly with you the one time, Ben, but it was a great time. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Don't be a stranger.
  9. I am way behind. Update this weekend. -B
  10. My apologies for letting this fall behind. I will get it updated by the weekend. I have some to add to my count as well. -Barton
  11. 7-9 seems way too high for diamonds. Mine go away if it starts to sniff 5.
  12. I'll add it to my list. Please do share a pic.
  13. Is the kites unlimited custom an official rev? Haven't seen that one on here before.
  14. I can only hope those kites went to new homes and will be added to someone else's count here soon. Otherwise...Bummer!
  15. Now all I need to do is get a GoPro so I can use one of these.
  16. 75% Shook and Diamonds in what wind range? That sounds like something I would definitely like to try. I just can't afford to replace part of my diamond frame (having just bought the Shook).
  17. The count is updated through this point. Keep 'em coming!
  18. Let me know when those New York Minutes show up and I'll add them to your count.
  19. Oh yeah, I forgot mine: bbailey49 +2 (8) Got my Custom Zen and Shook 75%.
  20. ocr, I'm going ahead and putting you in for 3, since you won the BPro. Congratulations again, by the way.
  21. Wish I could fly that much in a week.
  22. Thursday sounds like a heck of a day. Those wind swings you guys get are so dramatic. Sounds like you get to the field and unpack everything, because at some point you will get a chance to fly it. Tuesday would have been my favorite day. I love just getting out and flying, with nothing but the wind and me with no plans.
  23. Good luck with your search! Both are great fun to fly!
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