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  1. Is Steve still on the sunny side of the grass? My last contact from him was on 20 March when he said he was sending me some Rev parts which never arrived. I've sent him numerous emails which go unanswered. He doesn't answer his cell phone, and I can't leave a voicemail because his mailbox is full. Is he OK? Does anyone have another means of contacting him? I don't have his mailing address or I'd try that route. Bob
  2. Well, I guess if someone had a quad set of 50' or 60' 200 pound lines I could borrow to test, that would sure show me if it was worth trying. How about it...anybody got something like that laying around I could borrow or buy inexpensively? ( I hate to use the word "cheap"!) Bob
  3. Kent, I did see your response on the line length issue. It looks like short lines are a way for a novice to get into trouble quicker! Guess I will stick with the 100 footers for a while. Thanks! Bob
  4. Kent, I am envious! As was once said ( author unknown) :" Do the thing you love and you'll never WORK a day in your life." May your quiver overflow with flying Bow Ties! :-) No hurry... Your advice is good enough to wait for! ( Yes! I HATED English class!) Bob
  5. No harm, no foul. My skin is not thin in the area of my hearing issue. It's something I deal with, as you must have to deal with the leftovers from your excursion from perfect health. With all of the benefit that email is to those of us who live in a quieter world, it does have its drawbacks. Lacking the facial expressions, tone of voice and other body language cues that in-person communication offers, it's easy to misinterpret the motives and agendas of those with whom we are communicating. Further exacerbating the dilemma are the factors of no personal relationship knowledge of many we talk with, which triggers a too common tendency to suspect the motives of strangers, and, unfortunately, the existence of "trolls". Trolls delight in nothing so much as fomenting discord among once tightly knit special interest groups, posing as would-be participants, using Google to pick up just enough of the "shop talk" of the group to appear as one with some knowledge and active interest in the core discipline of the group. Truly dedicated trolls may even go so far as to show up at an organized event of the group (using some name different from their online persona) and buy a T-shirt emblazoned with a product manufacturers logo to affect a disguise. While in any group there will be actual participants that are,by their nature, persons who find interaction with others bothersome, TRUE trolls will not commit significant finances, time, or effort to the pursuit of excellence in the group's chosen area of interest. So, as one who, with crimson cheeks, has, too many times had to sweep up the crushed remains of treasured momentos knocked from the mantles of conversation by my unseen arm gestures, let me say that I take NO offense at your suggestion to use the telephone to contact Kent. In fact, it seems that there IS some technical issue that has prevented him from receiving at least three emails from me. END OF GROUP SESSION. Will all the attendees kindly deposit 5 cents in the coffee can on the table by the exit? Thank you for your kind attention! :-) Bob
  6. As far as I know, there are a few Blokart guys, but I will be Buggy #1. Bob
  7. Kent, Well that's kind of good news/bad news. That is the email address I have been using right along. When I didn't hear back from you about the 4-8, I figured I had driven you nuts with all of my newbie questions, which would be understandable. In the future, if I don't get a response in what I consider to be a reasonable period of time, I'll either call you on the phone and ask if you got my message, or try the PM feature as you suggest. Did you see my other post asking about the pros and cons of using lines as short as 50 or 60 feet on the Power Blasts in order to avoid overflying sunbathers? Bob
  8. All I have for my Power Blast kites is 100' line sets. Our local beaches are too highly populated for me to feel comfortable occupying that much sky (and possible ground!). I would need a snorkel to get far enough out into the surf line to avoid overflying sunbathers. (Might as well take up kite surfing!) Since I haven't tried it yet, can someone comment on the pros and cons of dropping down to 60 or even 50 foot lines for these monsters when used with a buggy? I am a fairly low time Rev pilot and wonder if I would be gaining enough access to smaller beach space to make up for whatever weirdness would occur from all the power on those short lines. Bob
  9. No. I was a little too close to something that went BOOM! A number of years ago and lost 40% of my hearing in both ears. I wear two of the best hearing aids I can afford (insurance doesn't cover them), and get by pretty well in most situations. The telephone, however, gives me a fit pretty often. Some people's voices are nearly unintelligible to me. A strong northeastern accent is hard, unless they speak slower than normal and loud. The one that REALLY gets me is a person with a middle eastern accent, like the ones at most tech support lines. I end up having my wife listen to them and interpret to me. Not complaining. The mere fact that I'm still alive and able to do many of the things I want to after all these years tells me that I am blessed above a large percentage of my peers! Email is the best way for me to communicate, given my condition. One other thing I try to take into account is that some (many?) sellers may not have the time or patience to respond to as many questions as I might have about their wares. I am not offended if they refer me to some website where I can read the info I am seeking. I sense that perhaps some folks may be interpreting my using the forum to pose a direct query to Kent as casting dispersions on the character of his person or his business. Let me assure you who have responded as well as those waiting in the wings to do so that this is NOT the case. Kent and Daelyn, as well as ALL of the vendors I have had the pleasure to either do business with, or simply contact for information have been nothing but friendly, courteous and helpful to me.It is NOTHING more than an attempt to see if there is a technical issue on either end of the communication channel I have been trying to use , PERIOD. Further deponent sayeth not. Bob
  10. JM, That's how I've been doing it. Just gets frustrating after a while when it doesn't work. Bob
  11. Kent, I appreciate and will definitely heed your advice on this beast! Hey, are you getting my emails I send to you at WOC? I would have bought the 4-8 new from you, but I sent you 3 emails inquiring about one and never got a response. I sent you another email earlier today on a different topic and haven't heard back. The only way I appear to be able to get word to you is by posting on this forum. Bob
  12. That's a useful analogy, Kent! Thanks! Bob
  13. Thanks for the confirmation, mate! Now off to healing up for a few days. Bob
  14. Hi, Steve! I'm waiting until I'm sure I understand all I need to about the 2-4 before I drag out the 4-8. It will be a few more days now, since I've pulled a muscle in my back wrestling with the 2-4. I'll PM you with the address and such. I've learned a lot from the DVDs! Don't worry. If I ever part with Revzilla, you'll get first shot! Thanks! Bob
  15. Unless someone at JIBE just HAS to have my Flexi buggy, I will probably have that and either a different buggy (long,low, and BIG tires!), or be looking for a Blokart. Maybe I could rig up foot steering on the Blokart and use the 4-8 to haul it! :-) And being stared at while engaged in activities that are easily misunderstood is something I'm quite accustomed to! :-) Bob
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