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  1. 6 months later I'm the proud owner of a B-Series Vented ... What the dark side can do ... Special thanks to André, Kristof, Marc,Roelof and ... this forum!
  2. Hi Kristof, I know the place, any idea if they will organize the kite festival there again in 2013? Would be nice to meet you there. I was already very happy to meet André on the beach in Cadzand and this thanks to the forum! Cheers!
  3. @ goestoeleven : already started saving certainly when I saw Bazzer Poulter's 1.5 with orange eyes @ aai : I often go to Cadzand, maybe we will meet there during carnaval holidays @ Jim : Brugge is indeed a beautifull city! @ Dutchrev : Dongen is indeed not far away at all (went to Breda to buy my EXP, I will therefore certainly be able to go to Dongen ...) if you can keep me informed about any special gathering that would be great @ stroke survivor : thanks for the useful tips, guess I will need the crash tips @ the others : Thank you all for the comments! Feeling better and by only looking at my EXP I know it will be a fantastic experience. I'll keep you posted once the wind allows me to fly out for the first time
  4. Hi all, I'm Xavier from Antwerp, Belgium. I saw someone flying a Revolution some time ago and was amazed by what I saw. I needed that kite! As I have no experience at all with 4 lines kites I purchased an EXP two days ago (drove especially to a shop in The Netherlands to get it !), please confirm that I made a good choice! Going through the forum I have the impression I will get bored quickly by "only" flying an EXP? I hope this is really what is needed for a rookie and that it will give me hours and hours of excitement ... Can't wait to try it out (waiting for the wind in fact ...) It would be a pleasure to meet the other Belgian members! Greetings from Belgium
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