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  1. Hello and welcome to the Forum..... OH man yes Lincoln City festival was AWESOME !! Weather and winds where great and what a interesting time with those waves on sunday !! WOW !! Congrats on your first Rev .... have a great time flying ... I hope the wind calm down as well
  2. Just finished up loading the HD video Im just really impressed with the quality of video that comes out of such a small camera
  3. Shot this video today... borrowed a GoPro camera from a good kite surfer friend of mine. I thought it would be a great view of 2 rev flyin... It was such a great day .. im so glad summer is here !!!
  4. Great pictures... really nice kites
  5. Awesome job all of you.. love all the smiles Steve D
  6. thank you so much for the great videos.... such awesome memories!! I cant wait till next year !!
  7. Last weekend was the BCKA christmas fly and dinner weekend. It was at Garry Point Park in Steveston, Bc near Vancouver we had such a awesome weekend the weather was perfect... light winds in the morning but it was sure nice to catch up with everyone. Just like to share a video of us flying last weekend. Merry Christmas everyone !!
  8. Happy Birthday Laura From Willow and Steve
  9. The Xtra vent... flew the first production ones last week at the AKA...... Winds picking up... stuff blowing down the beach... I put my wind breaker Jacket on !! ITs Time !! Oh man first thoughts of the new Xtra vent is Smooth smooth smooth.... and so comfterable flyin the kite is not wanting to drag you down the beach anymore... and what bazzer said now being able to take that second Leading edge out ... allowing the LE to bend and make that nice cup shape sail we like so much. The New Reinforcement down on the tips of the xtra vent are very clean looking and also the strip of reinforcement down the upright of the sails where the Upright rods would sit... now sit on a layer of extra protection...giving you strength and longevity. And my favorite part of this kite is when the winds do pick up I still can fly Rum Buddies .... not so hard on the wrists....
  10. Just wanted to share some photos and tell you what an amazing AKA convention it was.... Got to do loads of practice flyin with Bazzer flyin 2 by 4.... and flew we so many people last week... is was soooo much fun ... thank you to all that made the AKA convention so amazing !! And thank you to ben for providing Bens Island.... Protecting all the wildlife on his island ... hahhaahah !!!
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