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  1. Thanks for picking me a number, 29 looks as good as any today. John and the crew
  2. Those are really slick looking. I'm still using my favorite set which are custom quick adjust 13 inch. You can adjust your lines from a fraction of an inch to inches with just a quick twist of the thumb screw. John and the crew
  3. Didn't sell in 5 minutes, took almost 20 minutes. Thanks to all who responded. John
  4. On the GWTW swap meet I have listed my Randy Tom Masterpiece for sale. It has been flown once and comes with race rods and also the 3wrap frame. Paid $675 and am selling it for $350 shipped in the U.S. John
  5. Private Rev reproduction and interpetation of the Hawaiian Team kite. Soon to be framed and flying, for personal use. John and the crew
  6. Count me in! John and the crew
  7. Whenever I make up my linesets I attach them to a hook I have mounted into a wall stud in the garage. I run them out and hook the lines to a strong wooden handle and pull on them until them stop growing. Then jerk them a few times and one last stretch. They don't seem to grow while flying after that. John and the crew
  8. More people should join the nosediver forum, we raffle off a new kite every month and sometimes twice a month and they are all done with 21 tickets. Last month we did an UL Silver Fox and the tickets were only $6 each. Join so you will have first shot at the tickets each month. John and the crew John Barresi, did you get my email needing your shipping address for a surprise package?
  9. Yea I know what you mean, you can get the B-Things anywhere I'm saving all of my repros for one huge stack someday John and the crew
  10. Link fixed, 3 tickets left. Hurry. John and the crew
  11. Click on this link to get a ticket for the B Series Raffle on our Nosedivers forum. There are only 21 tickets to be sold and the price is $17.25 per ticket. Only 4 tickets are left. Kite will also come with a new lineset http://p207.ezboard.com/bnosediversstuntkiteforum21516[/url][/url] John and the crew Got it fixed with new link, scroll down to win a new kite and click on oct/nov raffle. 3 tickets left.
  12. Actually I do have some original revs. Lady in the mask masterpiece with race rods 2- rev 2's 3- 1.5 SLE's std 2- 1.5 SLE's vented John and the crew
  13. How about a stack like this. Should be in the air Saturday. Reproduction 1.5 for personal enjoyment. John and the crew
  14. When they told Ben to evacuate, he didn' t mess around. Good to hear the winds are letting up. Keep us posted. John and the crew
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