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  1. Hey guys, I am trying to get 10m/30ft dyneema (40or 90 lb) for my rev. At the moment I have a chance to get it in London (and only a few days time window while at it ) . I would appreciate it if anyone could suggest me where (if possible in central London) could I get (as said) 10m/30ft dyneema (40 or 90 lb) good quality (for example laser pro). I can do the lengths and sleeving ... quick answers would be most appreciated .. thanks
  2. thanks kwmf, sorry for the delay, but I wasn't able to login and reply to the post (not sure why), IO contacted AWOC before posting here but unfortunately to the misunderstood in communication and my narrow time window it's not going to go through this time (kite shoppe is in Canada and is even further) thanks for your reply anyways
  3. Hey a rather urgent question (for me at least ) , maybe someone can help, it's not too off topic i hope .. I'm looking for a 30' 50 or 90 lb strings (rev B series) since I'm from EU shipping from USA is pretty costy but at the moment there is a friend of mine in the US and will bring me the strings the problem is that he is going back to EU soon and the time for the strings to arrive is pretty short.. can anyone recommend an online store that has them in stock so that an item might get shipped today (friend is staying in Florida).. thanks
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  5. Hi there, any Rev fliers from Slovenia (Europe), any by/through passers maybe? I usually try to fly around Ljubljana (capital, wiki link) or a bit windier Postojna (wiki link) but since both are mainland there is a lack of stable wind as you could imagine... so if anyone from around here let him (or her of course) speak ! BR
  6. Hey makatakam and Dutchrev, thanx for a welcome greetings and the info .. I will probably purchase the Rev in US in the near future, due to lower prices. The communities in UK, Netherlands, Germany are unfortunately a bit too far away for me, maybe someday in case of a bigger event and my trip coincidence . keep on flying
  7. hi there,... here goes my 1st post, I' ve seen Slovenia (EU) was mentioned on 2nd page of this post but no replies were made, so I'm not really sure whether I'm the only one here or not... I actually do not qualify as a Rev flier per se , since I don't own one, but I do love to fly quad liners (eg HQ. Mojo, powerkites..), I am curently thinking about buying a 1,5 SLE or B- series. There are no dealerships, stores here that would sell Revs to my knowledge, and I haven't really seen anyone fly one here as well..
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