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  1. should be out there this summer... i'll have the revs too Sent from my SCH-S720C using Tapatalk 2
  2. Just discovered Field Hockey bags.. Perfect size for a rev sleeve. Now just choosing one.<br /><br />Sent from my SCH-S720C using Tapatalk 2<br /><br />
  3. I looked at the golf bag also.. Now im looking at some baseball bat bags.. The larger ones 37-39 inch. some have good pockets that look made for rev handles:D<br /><br />Sent from my SCH-S720C using Tapatalk 2<br /><br />
  4. well white sail is the best. I have a 4d that looks like a giant Lightning Bug! I have used the flexible led ribbon with some good success! I will try to post pics. they have held on through multiple crashes and 2hrs of 12mph winds.. pretty happy with them, gonna try and light the sail better though. it's a work in progress. thanks to Steven Leonard from AeroShark for his input on the set up. jim
  5. I also am a geek.... except i practice without handles when a good song comes on and my wife is driving... yea she must love me :-)
  6. i called on it.... tryin to get the xmas stuff figured out for the kids and see if anything is left
  7. just LOVE those flags! and they eyes, but i don't have to decide on a color with the flag!
  8. i have looked at your posts..... most of them are between 12 and 4 PM..... when that is AM.....you are an addict! but you are darn close!
  9. The snow will not stop me!

  10. awsome...i just need tickets! hopefully i earned a credit with the wife by seeing Wicked.
  11. the crispness of the sail will be different because they are made of different material. i have a new b and sle and i questioned it too. ditto the line equalization.... i have about 15hrs on mine and the l.e line was a good inch or so longer. i now switch my upper and lower lines periodically. have a great time!
  12. i just got some p400 rods from skyshark. and i think they are equivelent to a 4wrap. i think p200 is equal to a 2 wrap.
  13. haha SS great minds think alike....think we typed that at the exact same time
  14. A-Team!!! 80s tv show after every thing gets blown up, the girl and her family are safe and BA Barakus gets back at Murdock for getting him on a plane.... the cigar smoking white haired leader says "I love it when a plan comes together!" that being said... 20mph winds and i get out early today! time for the full vent and some sle rods!
  15. i actually had the std out in 2-3mph today... it wasn't great, but it was pretty good with race rods. the wind wasn't consistant judging by the flags
  16. STOP! I CAN NOT BUY ANOTHER KITE! had 2mph winds today, had to get the 4d out... and it still dropped to 0 and changed 180degrees on me.... no zen for me! yet! :
  17. very nice Katrina.. thank you. now i just need a mid vent. a zen and xtra vent.... and i will be good! I agree about not starting with race rods! they flex so much that as a newb(me) you loose some control... especially with vert/hor slides. I have broken one in the spar location when the wind picked up and unexpected landing. I did like the 4 wrap. I think as my skills improve the race rods will be great, and if you go with a full vent they are lighter than the 2wrap and will allow you to fill the sail better in low winds. my recommendation: full vent... 4 wrap and RR. in low wind use 4wrap spars and RR leading edge for more durability landing and better sail filling! good luck
  18. well i recieved my full vent, its an sle...i know... and i flew it yesterday with race rods in 7-10mph (i do have a wind meter) and it flew real nice, when gusts of 12mph came up it was a little to Pac-Man for me. Today i flew with a 4wrap equivelent in 10-14mph and it flew beautiful. when it dipped below 10 it was still great. when it went up to 20 it was great but pulled like a ford truck(thats not too hard) but i walked with it and flew the edge. the sail stayed perfect. bottom line is that i am only a month into Revs, and the full vent flew winderfull for me! i will fly the most in good constant winds. i think if you are over 7mph for the majority, i would go with a vent...... dont ask me about midvent... that will be next month...jk jim
  19. HA HA HA..... YOU SAID "IF"!!!! Ok i got the kite bug in May at a kite festival. Duals were my gateway drug... 5 in the bag.. all wind ranges and trickability. Now I get my first Rev 3 weeks ago...1.5b race rods, 2 and 3 wrap. I love it! Got about 2 hours of flying in and went to a local gathering over the weekend with some great people that also were "fond" of their Revs. The first day was great perfect winds and I flew for about 4hrs. The next day the winds were pretty wicked! My meter said about 12mph but i think it was gustin towards 20. The nice people tell me not to fly... that didn't go over well...said my sail would stretch. A nice lady let me fly her full vent! It was WELL USED... but flew like silk! I wasn,t worried because I don,t get to the beach much and have had no wind all summer. FALL IS HERE! 15-20mph winds every day i can fly! Yesterday, ORDERED FULL VENT! The b series is the way to go! Being new i found the race rods flex more and i had some trouble with vert/hor slides. I discovered while flying the SLE vent that the stiffer rod allowed for easier slides. I did also break a verticle RR during an impromptu landing. I am not condeming them but as a newb they haven't been the best for me. Lets recap: since May- 5 dual kites the last 3 weeks- 2 REVS.... and I am not even GOOD at it! HA HA HA... U SAID "IF"!!! And I know because I have lost alot of sleep. and if i don't watch it... my wife! first priority line management tutorial- You may even go out and just set up your lines 2 or 3 times if the winds aren't good when your kite gets there..... go ahead.... ask how I know..... Have Fun!!! jim
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