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  1. Nice to see another Belgian guy close to me. I have no Idea where in Antwerp you live. But the closest useable field in youre neiberhood will be park Middenvijver on the left shore. Sometimes I fly there aswel. greetings.
  2. Sweet flying, realy liked the speed 360° wingturns. Realy nice kite!
  3. Check the rev dealer list. Scroll all the way down for UK.
  4. Seems you better had bought a full vented for the windconditions we have last days in Belgium. At least, here in Antwerp its strong winds. Over 20 mph (5 Bf) whit windblast to 40 mph (7Bf). So no flying for me whit my standard.
  5. I'm glad this topic has been kicked up on the ranks. It was verry interesting material to read. Even tho I fly only for 3 weeks, I flewn always whit bit more brake. For me it felt easyer to stop and hover that way. I make the typical beginning mistake holding the handles to tight. Thats probably the reason why I found it rather hard to brake and reverse. I can move my wrist way easyer upwarts than downwarts. So I strarted adding more brake to compensate that problem. After reading this topic I know I can even ad a bit more brake, have to relax my hands and fingers and must learn to move a bit to help the kite. Thanks again to the peoples who made this nice educative topic in 2008.
  6. No need to apologize for the truth, me beeïng new into it, my skills deffenatly need to be improved. Precision flying is indeed bit boring. But most of the time I have been practicing all kind of hovers. Aswel at the center as at the edge of the window. And most crashes happend while practicing the inverted hover or slide. I kept flying in those winds cause if I didnt do it I couldnt fly at all on my holidays. And my inexpierence in combination whit the windrange given on the website ended up in a damaged kite. The ripped mesh is already been repaired, so lesson learned and fly in lower windranges. Thanks all for the tips and inputs.
  7. Thx katrina for the bungee tensity. Defantly will get me a vented in time.
  8. I deffenatly will add some tape on the weak points. How hard can I stretch the elastic cords? Do they have to be able streching? Or can I pull them fully to the end? Also, how thight has the sail to be? Cause now it waves. If I pull the points fully to the vertical ends it stil waves a bit.
  9. Just wanted to say I expected a higher quality of the REV kites. Let me explain my disappointment, before everyone here shoots me. 2 weeks ago, just before I went on holidays, I bouhgt me a REV SLE standard + ultra light LE (normal 3 wrap). And I have been flying it for like roughly 25 hours. Wherefrom easely 15 hours in a bit higher windrange (15-20 mph). So the maximum for this model. Already after 5 hours in this windrange I had a hole in the leading edge fabric, just where the connection is whit the vertical spar. I guess this is a known problem cause I've seen the extra reinforcement fabric on that spot. But even so, It went trough. Now I have 2 holes at each vertical spar. The second hole comes from the plastic bottun that hold the bungee together. At the end of my holidays I also saw the mesh fabric is already torn apart off the normal fabric, for over a lengt of 5 inches. (Already figured ot how to repair this, but stil.) If the wind was lower (5-15 mph) I used the ultra light LE (normal 3 wrap LE). I could see and feel 15mph was the max for these rods. But looking at the website its allowed. After several hours flying I even have 1 side rod where you can feel a smal well in it. So the friction of the vertical connection cap onto the LE rod has "eaten" away some carbon fibre! And last, my ultra light LE broke! But That was my own fault by over compensating a stronger windgust and smashing the ground to hard while practicing the inverted hover. Am I angry? NO, not even close. Only a bit disappointed cause the REV kites shurly aint cheap. All I can say after 2 weeks: "REV flying is sh*tload more fun as dual line flying I remember from years ago." Even if ya can't do all the special tricks. I'm just surprised the materials wear so fast when you fligh at the max of the kite. On higher winds I felt the kite pulling allot, sometimes I even lost my ballance by surpise. But now I know, when that happens you need another REV for higher winds or stronger rods. Personally I think it can be safer, for beginners like me, to lower the max windranges on the website a bit to have a bigger saftey margin to avoid the reasons above. Again, no hard feelings towards anyone! Now I have to go save me some money for a B vented and some race rods to compensate in lower winds.
  10. All those different terms so close to be the same. Think it will take me a while befor I have them all. Stepping forward while crashing is a good tip! Thx.
  11. Thank you for this nice explenation off how to repair the damage. Also defenatly will try to tune my handles.
  12. Hallo everyone! I'm Kristof, living in Belgium and have my REV SLE for 2 days now. I flew yesterday for the first time and have to admit its way harder then I expected it to be. I used to fly 2 lines when I was a kid. But 4 lines is a way different story. I could get the kite in the air after a few attempts, but after a turn or 3 I mostly hit the ground again, no matter what I did the kite seemed to have his own will. It's gonna be my fault offfcourse, I just dont do it by intention. I do have a few questions. My left top/ bottom line are the same lenght as the right ones. But must the lines top/ bottom be the same lenght on the same handle as well? Cause now I saw, when I lifted the kite up (LE top) my bottom lines came above my toplines when rotating the handels tumbs back. Now a way bigger problem, how to repair a smal torn in the sail (1"1/2)? The kite fel flat on his belly in the wet sand. It probably torn on a seashell when I pulled the lines to get it back up. Lesson learned: when flat, stake the handles and walk to the kite. Do I just tape it, or can I carefully stitch it? greetings.
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