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  1. yes its a zen and 3 pro with race rod and green race..
  2. well yes Santa Claus came early this year
  3. yes that is one way to do it, but maybe is just me, but is let say it 12 mph and i will try a race rod frame and first lift of the frame brakes because its to much wind. yes im new in the sport but i think much easy if you know the range, and then go and try it out..
  4. Hello Yes i know to all you pro rev pilots, this may seem like a stupid question, then you fly a rev 1.5 there is a lot of different rods to use and you switch them around. but for new pilots it can be hard to tell what rod to use. meaning that you can see on revs sites, the rod you get along with the kite what wind they work in and can handle. but is you take a standard b-series and put race rod i dont know what wind range there is save to use it in, there fore i have made this. i was hoping you pros can help, us there new in the sport. and fill out as many of the blank cell as possible....
  5. is it still possible to get a get of them some there
  6. heino

    Low wind flying

    i did in fact manage to take some picture with my phone, then trying to fly one hand, it was not very easy yes the you video really help, hoping to see more soon.
  7. Hello Well to i did decide to give low wind a go, i pick up my bag and a dual line zero wind kite, only because i have been very very very bad at flying revolutions in low wind. normal i just crash all the time because of the problem with the low wind. i pretty new at revolutions, have flow for about 2 year but much practice or fly time because of work, but now that is going to change. So before i left i had watch all, John Barresi video at LearnKites.com about low wind flying, flat relaunch and sail loading. it look very easy and John is a pro. I did just hope some of it could help me to getter in low wind. I arrived to field and did find my b-serie standard which had and a 3 wrap frame in it. no problem i just switch to a 2 wrap. but after looking in the kite bag, i found out that all my extra rod was home..... well i decide to give a go, had the same problem with my line my new short line was at home.. lesson learn check kite bag before leaving home... end op with b-serie standard and 90# 80ft lines and 3-5 mph wind. could have been worse. i did go all right flying up and down gain ground, and did manage some bicycle rotation then waking back, the loading sail help to get the kite back up to the top of the window and dive to gain the ground again. after 30 min and only 3 crash, but all recovered with a flat relaunch thanks to John. but then wind did die and went from 0-1,8 mph. then i did remember that the 20th rev come with a race frame, i quick put that back on the lines, and i was back in the air, another 1 gone and crash 2 time and recovered every time. i have to say i did not think i was able to do that just because i have watch the video, had i not i have started flying my dual line after 10 min. to all of you there new rev flyer like me, learn kites video do works and i almost as easy as John makes it look. i I'll definitely need to get a zen, it was really cool to be able to fly in low wind fields, it should hopefully only becomes better if i get hold of a zen.
  8. yes i know, but i all ready have b-series vented and standard. may thinking it might be over kill to have 2 vented. versions, i have only been flying for 1 year if i removed the hospital time. i dont know if there is much diffence between the pro serie and the normal one.
  9. well i have almost made my mind up, but i was think of getting a vented version to or a xtra vented. but i can not se why to pay more to xtra vented, then rev say there wind range as the vented. i could get a zen instead it the same price.
  10. heino


  11. Thank you.. i will start making lines
  12. I bought some lines on spools, it says they are 25 dan and 50 dan. can you help me and tell my how many pounds they are
  13. here is two i have made some time ago
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