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    my little familly, of course ^^
    kite, stickering,
    i'm a drummer too
    architcture, design & interior design
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    SLE - B-vented - ZEN - 1 printed by Los H. spain -

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  1. hi desert RF as Lolly said, for me, the best UL is a printed one. (much better than others) revopolo (fr) or los hermanos (sp), all by LH.... same manufacturing process, same weight and approved by revolution but if you call directly los Hermanos, you can give him your own graphic design. (mount it in P30 or equivalent, with ultra light lines.... and go fly from near zero wind) mine (by LH - graphic design, StiCker Man): if you have no idea for original or shifted graphic design.... i can help you, MP me
  2. nobody at Dieppe (fr), this year? (my side, i'm ready... tomorrow early morning)
  3. Hello there! Will there be someone in France? this end of April? Stephen? may i'll see you with and on team Evidence?
  4. no places to fly in 1000BXL the wind goes in all directions (same time)
  5. never ending StrokeV? welcome to where the night comes too fast, i would say...
  6. cool! i didn't know... will look like billy, with this, lol. why not! thanks for the tip
  7. http://www.kites-oostende.be/en/home Will someone there? me, for sure!
  8. now, i know! whaouuu!! thanks for the tips for lips U2 maybe see you @ Oostende in May?
  9. it was real big pleasure to meet you all, there! times of great quality all views. i love revs big familly. Big thanks all. (Now, my side, it's time to treat my lips....completely broken cause of combination of cold wind and sun)
  10. hoo no, only 19, 20 & 21 for me!
  11. first picture.... i'm too excited!!!: Exclusive graphic design by StiCkerMan (see below) thanks Pedro. good job!
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