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  1. yeah, i've tried to get her into kite flying a few times with no luck yet, but maybe Rev's might be different? I'm only joking really, she's really good at letting me indulge my OCKAD (obsessive compulsive Kite Acquisition Disorder) Good to know about mixing and matching different Revs for team flying too, I know at least one of the guys coming to the club fly on Sunday has a vented rev of some description so i'll have to remind him to bring it I've only flown my Rev about a dozen time but I've flown quadline power kites for years so I might be able to do some basic moves with him Thanks for the hints on line stretch too, i'll keep an eye on it and will find the thread on putting leaders on my handles
  2. Thank you everyone for your detailed answers, this forum is really amazing Interesting videos, I hadn't realized how much people move in the teams, I'd just seen it from the kites in the air mostly and assumed they couldn't move much. To be honest with my duallies I love the "dance", trying to balance the ups and downs of the wind with my whole body moving, it feels like i'm part of the kite and hooked into the sky so I'm glad it works with the Rev's too
  3. Hey all, Recently got myself a vented rev to play with, and coming from dual line flying I'm curious about footwork? I jump around a lot with the duallies, but kind of got the impression with the Rev's that the less footwork the better, especially if you want to do team work one day. At the moment I'm still moving backwards and forwards when I'm doing moves like slides, esp in gusty winds. Is that ok or should I concentrate more and more on the control movements with the handles, and try to move my feet less and less?
  4. Thanks for the welcome and the high quality answers Bob and Rev Flyer, I appreciate it Team flying is definitely in the back of my mind at some point, there are three or four of us in the Taskite flyers club who all have Revs now so it would be a lot of fun I reckon. Since our revs range from mid vent to full vent to standards, with some b series and some SLE's, I reckon it would be hilarious trying to coordinate them all and with the right wind lol. But if we enjoy we may even get into buying a standard kit...oh oh...down this path lies bankruptcy and marital disharmony
  5. Hi everyone from way down south in Tassie I've just bought my first Rev, a vented SLE, and have a few questions about it. I'm mostly a dual line flyer but I've finally had to admit that I just don't enjoy them much above about 12mph so I gave in to my friends advice and got a vented REV I have to say I'm glad I did, it's a lot of fun in wind that usually just annoy me with my dualies, and i was blown away by the quality of the package Conditions I'll be flying it in: Gusty 10 to 20 mph, and anything over 15mph. The worse conditions it will generally see are 20mph gusting to 35mph, but more usually its around 17mph to 28mph (i'm converting from knots) My questions are: (1) What line strength should I use? I've borrowed a mates 90lb set for the time being, and they seem to be handling it all fine, are they strong enough considering the kite is a full vent and won't be pulling as hard? (2) What LE do I use in what winds? the rev came with a 3 wrap le as well as the SLE, just curious what winds I should use the 3 wrap up to? I had it out in gusty 10 to 20 knots the other day and it was definitely bending in a way I did not like , and can I double it up with the sle rod like you can with ones of similar size, and if so when should I start to do that? (3) Melting the dacron where the rods go into the leading edge: I noticed the dacron is fraying a bit as dacron does, any problems with me melting the daggy bits with a soldering iron? Thanks in advance, Ant
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