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  1. We'll be there too! There will be lots of people out there, just jump in a line! Bri
  2. Those look great together! Wish I could have been there to see them all together. Can't wait to see how this all turns out.
  3. Hi Henri~ While you can't add or remove vents on a kite if the wind changes, you can certainly change kites! Which is why a lot of us have several kites in our bag. The standard is a full sail of fabric, the mid vent has one vent panel in each wing, the full vent has two vents per wing and the xtra vent has four per wing. Each added vent panel allows the kite to fly smoothly in increasing winds. The wind range for each kite is very much up to personal preference, so I won't go into that too much here for fear of starting a war. Just check out the rev product page to see examples of all the types of kites. (the xtra is only available as a B-Pro). If your flying area has a lot of high wind days, you may want to look into getting a vented kite so you can fly no matter what. Remember what we were saying about this being an obsession? You'll know it's taken hold when you have a bag full of kites! Hope that helped, Bri
  4. Congrats Henri, looks like you had a great time! Good you had your helper there to make sure your kite didn't fly away by itself. Welcome to the obsession...
  5. See you on the field Robert!
  6. Sorry you won't be here with us Steve, we'll miss you! Robert, welcome to the family! While there is no formal clinic scheduled, there will be plenty of people on the beach and I'm pretty certain any of them would be happy to help you get set up and started on flying your new kite! Come to Field B today and we'll get you set up. I'd be happy to help you, just find someone with a rev and ask them to point you in my direction. See you soon! Bri
  7. We're heading up tomorrow, not sure exactly what time we'll get there. At the very latest we'll be on the beach Monday morning (if we can hold out that long). Fortunately, I don't have a smart phone, so I'm safe on the beach! They're just going to have to wait. This week is all about relaxing and hanging out with my rev family. Can't wait to see you guys and gals! Bri
  8. It's shaping up to be one *[email protected] of a week, I cannot wait to be on the beach at WSIKF and out of email range. Save a little bit of sand for me, I'm coming!!!
  9. Consider me officially jealous Henri, you have a lovely home! Have a great first flight and just remember that kite flying is all about having fun not stressing out! So remember to breathe. It will come to you, just relax and keep trying. Bri
  10. Welcome to the family Henri, pleased to meet you! Have a wonderful time with your new kite, we'd love to see pictures if you can manage it (pictures of the kite on the ground are always an acceptable alternative). Bri P.S. Love the architecture of the room in your picture!
  11. Wow. Wow wow wow. Another gorgeous kite from Ron. Beautiful work my friend. The eyes are mesmerizing. Seriously, the level of this competition is amazing. Nice work all!
  12. 3.5 weeks off from work!?!! Wow. Sucks to be you, doesn't it? See you on the beach (I'll bring my 30's so I can help you two pester the crowd)!
  13. Very nice work Amy! A lovely addition to your already impressive array of kites. Guess staying home for a few extra weekends this summer worked out for the best! Bri P.S. I love the feathers!
  14. Amen Steven! A lot of people underrate their skills and are afraid to jump into a team situation (myself included). In all likelihood you're better than you think you are, so come on in! There are some great flyers in this family and I guarantee you'll learn a lot more flying WITH them than watching them.
  15. Happy Birthday Katrina!!! Fair winds to you, see you soon!
  16. So THAT's what I've been doing wrong!
  17. Absolutely stunning work, Bazzer.
  18. Holy @&%$. I'm pretty sure I don't have enough money to even compete, but I would love to win it.
  19. You're right, that proably wouldn't challenge those two at all. They're nuts, but they're lovable little mutants. I'm working on my two kite flying skills, but I'm having trouble focusing on both kites at once. Maybe a little brain surgery is in order.
  20. Excellent suggestions gents! I hadn't included Paul or Alden because i hadn't heard specifically from them. But I think their names just got on the list. And I'd LOVE to see Bazzer and Stevie fly two positions each. I think it might even provide them a little bit of a challenge!
  21. Hi all, Just wanted to drop in with a quick update. We are one flyer short of having 6 full teams, so if there's anyone you know that may want to do this, please let them know! (That count includes iQuad, they wanted to play too!) Should be a lot of fun, can't wait to see everyone there! Bri
  22. Bri

    iQuad Videos

    Almost 100,000 views!? Wow. Nicely done guys. Thanks T!
  23. Until last month when I got my Pro's, I flew a 1.5 SLE std and a full vent B series. With those two kites, I was able to fly in most wind conditions. Things were fine when I was flying by myself, but I started to wish I had a midvent when I started flying in a team more frequently. It's much easier to fly with other people if you have the same kite because your speeds will be relatively matched. If you have less sail area than your team-mates, you're going to be working harder to keep up with them and if you have more sail area than them, you're going to have to work harder to slow down and keep control of the kite. The mid-vent certainly does bridge the gap, but I would hold off on buying it until after the std and full vent. If I'm honest, I don't use the mid-vent as much as I probably should, likely because I got used to flying with just the two kites. My $0.02, hope there was something in there that helped! Bri
  24. So now a smartphone is going to be required equipment for team flying, huh?
  25. Thanks John, glad that was just an old schedule!
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