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  1. I think I had it in my head to smooth it out cause I thought it would look nice. Also the crease where the kite folds bothered me. I guess I am nitpicking.
  2. All great points, thank you. Just feeling the material told me that it would be very finicky. So I erred on the side of caution and asked you guys. A good point that I foolishly forgot was the fact when I put it away it will start all over again. The main wrinkles that bother me are the lines forming when the kite is folded. That edge is strongly wrinkled. Maybe I am too much of a baby. Ha ha. I have seen those steam machines you hold in your hand where they are supposed to take wrinkles out of delicates like silk. But as was mentioned, with normal put away it will not last long. So I think I am being too stuffy with my kite. I love them so!!! Thank you guys.
  3. I wanted to know If there is a safe method to remove wrinkes from a 1.5SLE and a vented B2. I am not familiar with the material. Seems like it would scorch easily or melt. So I am wondering if there is a tried and true method to smooth it out. It has creases at the fold points when I put it in the bag as well as general wrinkles. Thanks!
  4. This is the perfect topic for me and I am glad that I found it on the site. I am in a slightly different situation. I have a 75', 85' and 100' line at my disposal. I wanted to make two sets of lines from one of these existing sets. I wanted to have two short sets so my son and I could fly together. I see talk about 40' lines, would I be correct in assuming this is the best all around length? We wanted to have lines short enough to fly in the backyard as of now, we need to go to a park, etc.
  5. Well, I finally beat the curse. Got past the snow, getting sick, and then rain. Finally got clear skies and took the Vented B out for the first flight. It was a little light in wind as I had to put some good effort into altitude but boy.... WHAT A DREAM. It was such a difference in flight. Lighter, not stiff like the SLE. Made me feel like I could "finesse" it more, it had give. I can't wait to put the lighter frame in my full sail. What an awesome night. I left the park feeling happy. What an awesome product that can make you leave happy right? Thanks everyone for your help with selecting this kite. Now I have a lot of options and conditions covered with my 1.5 SLE and my Vented B. Ahh, it feels good!
  6. I have flow my 1.5SLE for a while now and am wondering if it is just that I do not know what to look for or if some stretching has occurred with the shock cord. On the bottom tips in particular. I have attached a couple photos (one of each bottom point) Is this normal? Over-reacting? Need to adjust knots? If so, is there a proper procedure?
  7. Thank you everyone for the welcome. I checked my tracking and the kite should be arriving some time today. Sadly, it is 34 degrees with light snow today. (I am north of Colorado Springs) Not expecting weather above 50 until Wednesday. I will take this time to prim up the kite. So looking forward to it.
  8. head down, programming.

  9. Awesome!. Made the purchase. I went with the race rods and 4 wrap. I was mesmerized with the "night" color scheme on the web site so went with that one. I also figured while I was at it I would get the lines. It was not that much to add on since I was getting the full kit with the handles, etc. Now the hard part is waiting. I went out tonight with the SLE and the wind was a little too brisk for my comfort so I took it down. I finished the evening with my 2.1m para foil. I have gotten so much excellent information and thanks to Katrina for emailing me as well. You are all a great bunch of folks. Now hopefully in short matter I can start to contribute. Will definitely update when it arrives as well. It is like Chirstmas as a kid. Can't wait! I have some stakes as well so I am covered. Never thought I would be at this point but what you all say is true that one Rev is just the beginning!
  10. Thanks for that clarification on the 2 wrap. I completely forgot to ask about the similarities of the 2 wrap and race set. I remember a 4 wrap mentioned in an earlier post.
  11. I checked the kite I have to make sure. The 1.5SLE came with the larger leading edge -- that was already in the kite when delivered. The vertical bars are marked Ultra Light with three feathers on them. I then have another bag of three rods that are marked Ultra Light with three feathers. Taking everything into consideration... Currently I have a 3 wrap frame. And that thicker leading edge. Going with the B model, it appears that comes with two complete frames. (Correct me if I am wrong) So I would get a B with Race Rod upgrade. And the other frame that comes with it is already a Ultra Light 2 wrap frame. (I am reading this from awindofchange.com) So I would have -- with my existing kite -- a 3 wrap, 2 wrap, and Race Frame (all complete frames) along with the thicker LE I got with the SLE. And then of course a Full Vent, and solid sail. Does this sound proper? I believe I understand this and am just about ready to pull the trigger. Thank you guys so much! As for getting another RTF, I probably would wait on that. My son enjoys flying but I don't think he is as into it as I am. On other occasions when I have gone out to fly (With my 2 liners and with the Rev) he has passed on the invitation a couple times to do something else or was not in the mood. Me on the other hand.... I look for excuses to go out and fly any time possible! Edit: revisiting that statement. Looks like I would need to go full package as it mentions kite only is 1 frame. It won't hurt to have two kites ready to fly if needed in order to get the setup I need without having to pay more later
  12. With all of this information, I have formed this thought. Please adjust me if needed. In talking with my wife -- who has a much better grasp of past weather conditions ( I often think I could fit an item that needs 2 square feet of space into a box that is 1.75 square feet) -- we find that a large part of the wind, especially in the summer, is on the lighter side. So we agreed that we could fit one more purchase in the budget. So I was thinking.... (uh oh) Purchase a vented B and with the extra frame get a set that would make my full sail more adapted for light winds. This way I would have the vented B appropriately framed for stronger winds, the SLE standard setup for medium and then when using the light wind frame on the full sail I could dip into the light breeze days. Recap: 1.5SLE (no vent) - Use standard frame that came with it for winds I have been experiencing so far. 1.5SLE (no vent) - with frame 'X' (from the to fly in light winds/breezes B Series (vented) - with a 'standard' frame for the winds that are too high for the full sail. (Which I have experienced 2 times so far) Now, as you can imagine, I am trying to figure out what frames to get with the B purchase to achieve this. Or.... am I thinking wrong? Plus I have no concept of the wind ranges I am looking at with these configurations. And lastly, mid or full vent when creating this package. Thank you all! Talking about frames and I get kind of lost. What would be the roadmap to follow? (Hopefully I am thinking somewhat properly. Then I could work with 'awindofchange' on a order! Thankfully I have all of you here for your opinions to help me through the myriad of options.
  13. Thank you for that link, I am going to read that now! I was contacted in PM as well so I will be getting that information too! Thanks!
  14. I just found the multiquote feature here so I will not be bombarding with so many posts! Thanks! I have flown about 6 times and every time I am out I am spending a couple hours playing around. Things seem secure. I am pretty confident it was too much wind as I felt uncomfortable at times with the pull and brought the kite down. That is good to know, thank you! I do want to hit all the points for variety. I read so much talk about 2,3,4 wrap, race rods, B Kites, etc. Even when lurking around I did not grasp it deeply. I would like to take advantage of the lighter days as there seems to be more of them.
  15. I do believe the wind was too strong. It pulled an impressive amount and shot up in the sky taking me by surprise. I would love to read your write-up on leaders. The handles that I got with the kite just have one knot on each line.
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