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    mountain bike, playing drum, photography, strategies boardgames and many other things that i even didn't know...
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    Only got a Rev-B

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  1. Never writed on this thread. add: + 1 Rev-B + 1 supersonic
  2. Hey! thanks REVflyer! I already feel big fun await me... Also thanks for the tips on "trick line" great idea!! And looking forward for some hearth pounding moment seating my back on big wind
  3. Thanks SkyPuppet, I already ordered a Supersonic vented
  4. Thanks for your inputs makatakam (your nick readed the same left-right right-left... searched for the definition of this kind of words on the net, it's called a palindrome) Thinking more about that today and i'll choose the Supersonic vented. I want something vented since those speed kites crave for higher winds and i can access big wind beside a big river here and vented seems to make thing easier. No need for more input, i make my mind but if someone want to share his/her supersonic/shockwave experience, it can be great! And looking more at them on photos and videos(black-gold), i think they are the kites who look the most Darksided and classy at the same time... at first look i don't like their look but on videos they look great!! Surely greater in person! So my second rev will be a Gold-Black Batkite...
  5. If you can share some thought about your Supersonic or Shockwave i'll appreciate. I've readed about them here and on kitelife, looked at some videos but hardly can make my mind between those two... i don't think i'll ended up with 2 of the speed series so i want to choose wisely. Supersonic: less pull, but how much? Vented option that i think it's cool. More controlable than the SW? Shockwave: maybe to much pull??? Prettier than the SS!! Thanks!!
  6. Thanks all for your input!... just some words from others can make ideas clearer. On long term i know that this story will end with a bag full of kites... The B2 seems to be really great!!!!!!!... but maybe, as my second kite, the Supersonic-vented will be the chosen one. Just to make different and carve the sky at full speed. Thanks for the videos, already seen all of them But i hesitate with the Shockwave too, look prettier than the almost all black SS. But all black can have a bat/bird look, maybe my eyes will find it cool. Wish you great winds!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm having really great time with my only one kite, a Rev-B mid-vent. I,m looking forward to add a second kite, to make a little different feeling and also to make friends fly with me and getting hooked... my father already have great time with my kite, i can feel the force within him... One thing, i want is to add some speed, is the B2' really faster or just a little faster? I think about a supersonic and shockwave too. I just want to read your words and experience with the B2. Thanks!!
  8. (made an error on the title, sorry for my english mistake... it's there is better) Hi everyone! Nothing more than some happiness to share. Back to home, long triangular box waiting me on the dinner table!!! It can only be my kite!!... You know the feeling of seeing a box, great feeling... just knowing all the fun packed in It's not only my kite, it's my first kite... since the color i wanted wasn't available, they cooked me an orange-burned/black rev-B (i think it's the new gold...) I'm really happy for my color choice, really worth the wait. My Rev-B is a mid-vent, i know some said that a standard maybe a better idea but i also read here that some used there mid-vent more. I came to this choice cause here where i live, it's windy and rarely light wind. So i think i made a good choice with the mid-vent. I will post some pics of my rev-B... i know that you've already seen kites but you never see mine Hope i'll be behind my handles next week-end!! The beginning of a new funny adventure await me Francis
  9. Ça fait plaisir B-13 ;-)

    J'ai visité tes pages et je maintiens que tes photos sont très réussies!! Inspirant, merci de nous gâter les yeux :-)

    Continues de prendre des photos!!

  10. Tu fais de superbes photos Bryan! ... de la belle lumière dans chacune d'elles! De beaux filés, beaux cadrages,belles scènes mises en valeur, bref super!!

  11. Hey! just see on your signature that Mike is you... my eyes miss it or it wasn't there before?...
  12. Hey thanks again! friendly people here. LS Kite Stakes... the famous Dark side, no one convert me, do it myself, i think i'm already evil ... and your custom stake are damn superb!!!! SparkieRob, advice taken... my future Rev thank you :-) Watty, thanks for the link... and already subscribed on kitelife magazine. Ben, i see here in the forum that you have your dedicated thread, a globe-trotter, that's really cool!!!!... i saw that you came in Quebec province already. As you said Lolly, rc heli need sweet thumb, it's a funny experience too... being relax with the kite is surely a must... and having fun too! Mad Mik, thanks for the advice. Your lucky to spent as much time on your kite everyday, having fun is what life for! B-13, hope to go on your beautiful island with my girl friend one day!! Soulfly, i readed much here to choose wisely on a rev-b midvent ... i see that your avatar is where i ordered my Rev. Mike give me a really great customer service and answer all my question so fast!! You work there??
  13. Thanks everyone for your welcome words and tips Hope to find someone in my city that fly Rev, there's alot of cool place here to fly... and wind is almost always alive! Can't wait to give you some feedback of my 1st Rev experience... but before, have to wait for the mail... ...and B-13: L'île Maurice semble être un endroit merveilleux, à en faire rêver!!...(" L'île Maurice seems to be a marvelous place to be, a dreamy one!!")
  14. Hi! I'm from Canada, Québec province, Québec city... i mainly speak french but i'm able to easily read english and write too but maybe with some mistakes here and there ;-) I'm totally new to the world of kite. Never touched one! Just seen some duals. I'v only browsed across kite forum here and at kitelife to know more. Also watched youtube kite video a lot... and i really feel that i have to jump in the kite buzz, that's stronger than me!! So i've already ordered my kite!!!! ... Rev-B, mid-vent, black/gold, yeah!! The only air thing i touched are small fixed pitch rc heli. I got 2. One msr and one msrx. If you have some important beginners tips, you're welcome to tell me. There's great information here and at kitelife anyway. Also, my subscription at kitelife magazine on kitelife site will surely help me. Oh and i'm 38 years old. Francis
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