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  1. I recently started using deep sea fishing lights for my night time endeavors. They are cheap on ebay, and for those of you who like to take an occasional dip in the ocean, waterproof (I would hope if they are for deep sea fishing ). They arent too bad in weight either, these particular ones have 2x 3v batteries (typical motherboard battery). Give it a look if you are interested.
  2. I havent gotten the privilege of flying any of the others yet, but the coastal winds here tend to be lower when I fly in the evenings, so it often feels heavy using the 4 wraps (thats where I picked up the lumbering part hehe), but the odd thing is I have come to hope for constant low wind speed over one that is a little higher. I found you can do so much more when there isnt a large amount of wind, on the Rev I at least.
  3. I'm afraid it may be too late for anyone to want this old girl, it has already made it through the ground loving phase and I can now fly it pretty scott free. Few rods and a few patches later I think I have come to enjoy the way it lumbers along . Cheers!
  4. Hey partner, I realize this post is 2 years old but if you are ever in the area again, Ill deffiently fly with you. I live at the beaches here.
  5. Ah well that clears that up. Good to know the time period it came from. I assume it must have been produced shortly after the switch over from Neos to Rev logo. Thanks for the info m8. I can now fly with knowledge of what I am flying hehe.
  6. http://imageshack.us...3/hpim2527.jpg/ Here are a few pics.
  7. Sorry for the late reply, things got hectic the past few days. As far as I know there are no hand written numbers on the kite. At a guess Im thinking that it may be a post-production run because it has the Revolution logo on it. To the best of my knowledge it was purchased in St. Augustine Florida at a kite shop there that is no longer in business. There is also a chance that it may have been purchased in CA, not sure of the location though. I will post you some pictures tomorrow when my camera is charged up.
  8. Well, here is my first of more to come: Oats(+1) Rev I
  9. Ah! I have been looking for clarification on that for a long time now, thanks a bundle!! It is a Neos Omega. That pretty much answers my question, I will look into getting a new bridle and see how it goes from there. Thank you all for your time and replies, It helped a ton. Sean
  10. Luckly my lines are already equal length lines (compensating with the leaders to get my 7' of difference for the Rev I). I'm looking to get a little more low wind preformance out of it so I'm trying to think of ways to add a little more omph to those situations. Ofcourse I'm not expecting a change in personality, it just wouldnt feel the same . Thanks for the reply so far.
  11. Hello folks, To give you a little background of what im dealing with, I'm flying on a 1988 rev I using home made leaders (not bridle string, some nylong rope actually, rather thick for leaders imo) and the old style clips on 130' most likely 90# (not positive on that, the lines are as old as the kite). My question is do the bridle string leaders and lack of clips make a large difference in preformance of the kite? I also read somewhere that you can change the bridle over to a newer tied setup and it can give you a little more preformance out of it. Will I notice a large difference in making these changes or is too negligible to mention? Cheers, Sean
  12. To add to this ol thread, crashing in sea oats/cacutses when you have 130 ft lines and only 20 ft of free beach due to high tide
  13. I sure hope so, a new set of lines most likely wouldnt hurt me either.... I think I will be heading to the nearest kite shop this weekend for a bit of ....light shopping ....
  14. Congrats and welcome from another new flyer.....It will soon steal your soul too . Best of luck on your flyng endeavours
  15. Thanks for the warm welcomes. I only wish that I had pulled it out of the garage sooner. I happened to stumble across it in a move and couldnt pass up the chance, now im hooked ;p.
  16. Well folks, I figured I would share my first experiences with Rev's (and kites in general). About a week ago I decided to grab my fathers old Rev that he hadnt touched in roughly 18 years. So here I am with my 1988 Rev I Classic on the beach trying to figure out how to fly this thing. First I would like to thank the people on this forum because that is the only reason I managed to get it into the air. Well you could say I was a slow learner, after 3 or 4 visits to the beach and well over 100 walks of shame and not to mention the embarisment of having beach passerby's who took pity on this poor soul attempt to help, I finally figured out that my lines were not even and that I needed to add a little bit of adjustments to my handled (what lines wouldnt be strtetched after 18 or 20 years?). Bingo! I was up and flying with a little bit of fine tuning. Now that ive got it in the air I think Im out about 3 or 4 hours a day (or night he he) flying at the beach...I suppose you could say in the words of a famous sitcom.."I'M OUT THERE JERRY, AND IM LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!". If any of you are ever near or maybe even live in Jacksonville Fl, I would love to fly with some others out there. Cheers! -Sean
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