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  1. I love that Tiger piece! Great job and congrats!
  2. Having flown a full sail myself in 15mph (It was my 1st day and I had one kite and I had no choice), I would never wish to fly it any higher. While the kite"can" fly in it, you are really maxing it out and it will cause premature wear and even worse really stretch out the sail on you. I would not really blame rev for this, yes maybe they should restate the wind range, but the kite does fly in that wind, it is just twitchy and as mentioned really wearing the fabric out. If you are seeing that sort of wind commonly at your flying location, definitely look for a fullvent. I would even recommend posting a wanted add here, someone I am sure has one stashed someplace to help a new flier out. Welcome to the club!
  3. I sent a msg via the contact us page here. Who knows depending on the cost I ight just end up "having" to order a pro instead of fixing the blast since I now have 2 kids flying...
  4. Anyone know if she is still in Longbeach? :-p
  5. Well I am in a real quandry now. After 2 days @ WSIKF my 5 rev quiver is Sorely lacking and very well down to 4 kites. After the last event this morning The family and I decided to take over Field D. The wind was howling. I put the full vent up and even it was flexing bigtime to I put the 4wrap frame in it and let my oldest loose on it. Meanwhile I pulled out the blast for a bit of a workout. Flew good for a couple min then it started gusting and POP the LE snapped as I flew across the window. I got it down pretty quick, but the damage was done, it split the LE pocket wide open. My question now is if it is repairable? I am also stuck with the fact that I need more Rev's since the oldest it starting to show interest. An extravent would have been really nice today, When I was packing up I pulled out my windmeter and it was holding 20mph gusting to 30. At one point my open Rev bag started to lift off the sand and try to fly away! 8-0
  6. So south of the two entrances and head south? or is there a "secret handshake" lower entrance I should use?
  7. I would recommend a B series full sail. You get multiple frames and just a great sail all the way around. Just need to add a lineset, which I think is better than a RTF package. A R2F package will come with a 80-85ft line which works fine for learning, but I recommend going for 120ft set. It not only gives you a larger window to learn with, it is the standard group flying length, you WILL get asked and pulled into group flying. While you learn you will not notice the better sail, you will after a few hours on the handles. I flew my B series and my son's SLE side by wide and while I cannot verbalize the difference, I can tell/feel a difference in the way they fly. I want to say the B is just sharper and cleaner flying.
  8. Any idea if these will make an appearance at WSIKF? It might enhance the bidding when people see them in person, as well as get non forum members in on the fun.... ;-)
  9. Since clearing my account from tapatalk it is working.. I will keep it that way for a few days and then put it back on and see what happens
  10. It worked right when I was writting that post, and someoen posted while I was doing it. But 1min before it had not shown anything. I just deleted my revkites account from tapatalk. Waited 5 min and came back via the pc and sure enough 3 new posts show... I have a feeling tapatalk was marking them read but not alerting me of anything new... I will advise how it goes the next few days. Thanks guys!
  11. The last few weeks the "view new content" link on the upper right of the forum has not been functioning. It always tells me there is no new postings? However when I manually look thru the forums I see a bunch of new posts since my last visit? Anyone else seeing this issue?
  12. Yeah I had to scream at one as he was cruising 15mph about to go between my handles and rev about 20ft inside my Rev on the ground while my son was holding the handles. I mean how can you see someone facing a kite on the ground and think it is a good idea to go between them and the kite? That and the horses @ Ocean shores really ruined the trip in allot of ways. They had to use the 50ft everyone flies in between all the parked cars rather than the 200ft between cars and dunes or the 75ft between cars and water line..
  13. Looks like you were out early. But I think I saw you flying around 10:30, that fade really stands out in the sky. Beach was getting crowded and I headed farther north to get some open room. FYI North of the upper entrance can be a pain. The horse folks think they own the place and kept forcing me to land every 15min as they went thru. Might need to head farther north next visit. And the obliviouts were full force, I had them going between me and my stacked single line that was 15ft away, and doing so @25mph.. one more reason to head all the way north above the mayhem.
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    From the album: Airtime

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    From the album: Airtime

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    From the album: Airtime

  17. JB taught/showed us this on Day 1 of the WCRC, it is very very handy on low wind days! Once you get the hang of it try adding slides in as well. It will usually take considerable arm offset, but is fun and lets you really float the kite to land where you want it.
  18. Make sure to study/research the typical winds at YOUR flying locations. No question if you could only ever have 2 Rev's a std sail and full vent would be the wisest move for 99% of people. However if the winds in your area rarely go over say 12mph, then you would likely see much more use (value) from a Midvent. I own all three (most rev fliers will own all 3, its just part of the addiction!) My full vent has seen maybe 30min of flight time in the last 6mos, but my std and mid have at least 8hrs each. The full vent just take more wind to even fly than I typically see, hoping more beach trips change that! Welcome to the party / addiction / madness / joy of Rev flying!
  19. A rev bag works well on aircraft. I carried all 5 of my Revs and the 3 extra frames I have when I traveled last month. Just be confident and sure of yourself. TSA, flight attendants, nobody batted an eye. I put handles and lines and stake in my checked bag. The rest lays nice and flat. Once on the plane I let people get thier bags in the overhead and then opened the rev bag and laid it out flat in ontop of thier roll-ons.. I have also heard people say that the rev bag and/or normal sleeves can fit behind the roll ons, I just worried about those "clowns" that ram thier bags up top, backwards, upside down, etc smashing a frame.
  20. 100 Kites makes sense.. Quad lines x 25yrs.... Just sayin.. Any number would work, but 100 would have special meaning, at least to some of us nerds that know...
  21. Ughh that thread gave me a number of baaadddd thoughts and ideas...
  22. Only be there that last few days (OOoopps should have kept that a secret). No worries Walt, JB and TK already did that at the last mini clinic!! I am interested in flying team, but have not put in enough handle time yet, crossing fingers to get some time in before then.
  23. Ohhh man, should not have brought up the blast, what have I started? Pressure on now, I better start hitting the park more after work... Hopefully the wind will Cooperate!
  24. Not sure about Garage project.? It's more the lack of time with work, and lack of winds. I have had very little practice time in months, I think I had one full day since WCRC. Aside from that, just low wind shortlining last week for a couple hours.. I have a long way to go before I am ready to fly formation.
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