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    Flying kites and photography I enjoy both my pass times....
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    Rev 1.5 pro

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  1. Had a great time at WSIKF. Good to see old friends and to meet new ones.It was great to see Steve again and to see him fly indoors...

    1. gerry


      Had a very good time at the rev clinic. If the weather had been better it would have been great''

  2. Wayne and I have been flying twice a week . Indoor when the weather is bad and outdoor when the weather is good . Today the weather was very good!!!!!

  3. Back from Hawaii. I flew in Mauai wind was all over the place.

  4. I will be there on thursday an extra day to fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. gerry

    Hope you had a good plane ride home . Hope to see you again . Maybe at long beach in 2013?

  6. Returned from the Rev clinic on Monday. Had a great time with everyone there.Learned a great deal on how to make more precise turns both down and up turns.And flying in the teams was a blast!!!!!!!!

  7. gerry


    Katrina that looks like you were flying in Hawaii? I flew while Judy and I were in Hawaii the wind was from 5 MPH to 30 MPH quite a challenge.
  8. Getting excited about the west coast rev clinic. It can't come quick enought.

  9. Hello to all and kite flyers.

  10. gerry


    Would like to trade a rev blast for an indoor rev . The blast was bought last year in Lincoln city an flown two times . It comes with handles and a line set.
  11. Hi Katrina are you going to the rev clinic? Judy Wayne and I will be at the worldmark. And we will arrive on thursday hope to see you there.

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