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  1. Now be honest. Who here uses a pocket protector with their kite winder?
  2. Twists are not a problem, but I was just thinking that each turn is a potential problem. With other types of quad line kites that I have, it works really well to wrap the lines around the handles that they are attached to and it takes far less time for setup and cleanup. I am just trying to be more efficient with time. I do not carry the kite winder in my pocket, so that would not be an issue, I leave it with the kite bag.
  3. Is there a reason (good one that is) that most of the kite winders seem to be about 8" in length. I would think that one about 3 times the length ( i.e. 24") would not only be a lot faster in both winding & unwinding the lines, but it would also produce less twisting in the lines. Any ideas?
  4. I bought my first Rev a month ago. It was the Shockwave. Even though most recommend not getting that kite until a person is experienced, it did not stop me. The Shockwave really sounded like what I was looking for. I am very happy with my choice. I probably have taken a more difficult way of learning to fly a Rev, but it has been nothing but pure fun. If you are determined to succeed, then get what you want the most!
  5. Today I definitely had the best winds yet with the shockwave. The winds were a very steady 15 knots. This kite can really fly fast. Also I was able to power it up between a 1.5 and 2.5 ram air kite. The sound coming off the shockwave adds to the fun. I am already thinking about my next rev!
  6. I have now had quite a few sessions with the Shockwave. Unfortunately, most of the time the winds have been under 10 knots. The good news is that I can actually get this kite going in less wind than my 2.5 ram air kite will fly in.
  7. Actually the Spudnut comes from Spudnut donuts! My wife and I used to live on boats. When she got pregnant with our first child, we walked to the donut store and the baby in the womb became known as our little spudnut! It has stuck with me ever since. I am hoping for good winds today after surfing.
  8. As a new shockwave person too, I am awaiting good winds. It is normally 15 knots plus in the afternoon here, but since I got the kite, the winds keep dying out
  9. John, It was from your prior posts I found that I did put on silicone tubing today and it sure did help with sand. I found a video from JB that showed how to wind and unwind lines that worked a whole lot better than my method! Thanks
  10. Hello to all, I used to fly 2-line stunt kites back in the 1980's and when I told my kids about them, they loved the idea. So, now we all have stunt kites. I have been using a ram-air quad 2.5 as I love the power. I just bought my first Rev and is it ever different. Never one to start slow, I went for the Shockwave. This thing is amazing - the sensitivity on the handles is totally different than the ram air kites. I have encountered a number of issues so far, but they have been answered researching this forum. Some of the issues were: best ways to wind/unwind lines; assembly/disassembly; keeping sand out of end caps as I fly at the beach. The videos as well as discussions have all been very helpful. I even found the video on how to even out the top and bottom lines! For those with the Shockwave, does anyone else have a problem getting kite, line w/winder and handles into the bag that comes with it? Also, I am in Ventura, Calif. Any Rev fliers this way?
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