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  1. Lol, lol. So, care to tell us what frame set(s) you are flying?? Murph's an excellent Rev pilot.
  2. Pro Midvent is the one for me. Amazed and surprised at how smooth it is, and the lower wind performance in these goofy Ohio winds.
  3. Whew! Done just in time for Christmas! :)src="http://www.revkites.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif">
  4. Well, well. I have been wanting to make a couple stakes using beer tap handles, and recently scored a couple. Can you please tell me what type of bolts you used and where you found them? I'd like to make a couple for Christmas gifts. Thanks! Bill
  5. Decided to fly them to death. Might take a while though.
  6. Oh my gosh! I hadn't thought about that! My lovely wife chose the colors. Said she wanted something different from my red, white and black colors. Guess I had better burn them!
  7. Up to 5 Revs now. An EXP, a 1.5, a Pro Full Sail, and now two Pro Mid Vents! WooooHoooo!! Thank you Revolution and Bazzer! Next up....Full Vents (I hope not too far in the future!)
  8. Hard to tell who looks drunker. ;)src="http://www.revkites.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif">
  9. Hello fellow Ohio guy! I feel your pain regarding Ohio winds! LOL Not sure where you are located, but if you can make it to Columbus, there is a group of us that get together pretty much every weekend here. There are at least three, and many times as many of six that fly together. We would be happy to have you join us any time at all. Our group consists of "REV-O-Holics" of every skill level too. Several are very good fliers, One who is just starting out, and a couple of us who have been at it for around a year (Me included). We have a blast together! We all just watch the weekend weather forecasts and decide whether to get together on Saturday or Sunday each week. If you are interested in getting together, shoot me an email and we'll work out some details. O2BKYTN
  10. I would weigh in with antman on this topic. I have a very early rev that I love, but not crazy about the color (faded hot pink and blue). On a very limited income, and would dearly love to own a Pro. Anyone who happened to notice any sort of minor printing flaws would get a complete explanation and the handles for a bit.
  11. That makes perfect sense, thanks! Think I'll try that instead of hot cutting holes. Thanks again for the help!
  12. Hi Jim, I do sew a little, and thought about your suggestion. What I wondered about, was how exactly the screen would get sewn on. It seemed like the screen/ripstop seam should get folded some how, as opposed to just a lap type seam. I've done some "cut-a-way" applique with ripstop which sounds like what you are suggesting. Did you just use a simple lap seam, or did you fold the edges of the screen over before sewing, or...or... Thanks! Bill
  13. Hello all, I'm seriously thinking of takeing a hot knife to ripstop and vent an EXP as several here have done by cutting holes. (Gulp). They would be hot cut using a soldering iron. Before I do though, I wonder if anyone who has done so might give an update on how things have performed, both in flight and durability? I really could use a vented, have a very limited income and have this EXP available. But don't want to wreck a perfectly fine kite! LOL Any feedback sure would be appreciated! TIA Bill
  14. Thanks all for the welcomes and advice . @nckiter, yup, one and the same. @ makatakam, Good advice. I'm starting to get that now. The "flying all over the place" is exactly what I had been doing until recently. Havin' a ball so far. The over compensation thing is still a challange, but starting to get the feel. My "coach" is great. Her patience is amazing. lol. She was a member of the "Captain Eddys Flying Circus" team until Al Hargas passed away, and is detrmined to help me get up to speed and start another team. I have a loooong way to go, but with her help, I may just get there eventually.
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