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  1. cheers dave good to meet you too. i called to a beach on sunday and have managed to master the take off and landing, hover dive and stop and left and right turn, hows that in just 2 hours!!!!,
  2. well i got one a big thanks to dave a 1.5 sle and i even had top tuition from him and his top son also a big thanks to ben time to get flying
  3. Ben is there a rev stand at the show? And how will I know who you are? Cheers m8
  4. I think I better had lol, Back off quaa714 he's mine!!! Lol Any time best for you Ben
  5. fantastic cant wait. thanks very much
  6. well here goes.... has any one got a rev for sale in the uk? i am looking for a B series but will have an exp, i am a newbie and finding it hard to sneak out £300+ from the bank with out her in doors noticing!! i will be at the bristol show this saturday, so if you want to buy yourself a new kite let me have yours and i will even buy you a pint at the show thanks ( just cant stop thinking about having one, fell like a big kid )
  7. 600 miles!! well worth it tho lol bring your kite and show me the ropes
  8. Hi any one going to the Bristol kite festival this weekend? If so let me know and I can pester you to give me advice on buying my first rev lol
  9. Thanks for the info guys lots for me think over...... I think I will go for the 1.5 B series, am I right in saying the B means John barresi range? Is the main difference between a B and an exp just precision control and is the B really worth the extra coin.
  10. Hi all I have been bitten by the kite bug big time, I visited the Portsmouth uk kite festival last week and was blown away by the rev kites, I have never seen or heard of them till then and now want one:-) my question is what do I get? I want a good all rounder that can be used in a wide wind range that's also easy to use for a newbie, I have seen on eBay a rev 1 vented, can a vented be used in low wind like an unvented? Thanks guys
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