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  1. Tinkman or however you spell Shawn's last name. Heck I probably misspelled his first too!
  2. I am going for some lighthouses over the next couple weeks. Let's see how many OBX lighthouses I can pull off with Revs either docked or flying near by.
  3. PST means us EST peeps have to wait until lunch time! Just noticed Alden pointed that out... Oh well I need the post anyway
  4. They work off of one pattern. Everything is pattern cut I assume.
  5. ahhh the agony!!! I envy you!
  6. Mind repeating that? in English perhaps? haha naw, I gotcha. Yeah he just knows too many people!
  7. John, how do you just come up with another Omega?
  8. NED!!! you are a god, sell me one of those NEOS!!! I want to frame it and put it on my mantle.
  9. I second that. John Mitchell knows his stuff! Sometimes I just hop on to see what he has to say. Make this guy an admin!
  10. if you check out microsoft live maps today you can see the 3D side angle shots of the kites flying at the festival. They are always taken this far back. I see a bunch of SLK out there...
  11. Yup... Anyone want to help me orginalize the lady? She was borrowed for concept only
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