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  1. @ Rich ".....Race Rods & 120s......of course!" Maybe that outa read Race Rods, 120's and Mesh LOL
  2. They are snug but not unworkable. After making 4 sets of handles for myself I can tell you what I've learned. The handles look identical to a set of REV snagless handles I purchased, so the fit is not an issue. Getting the glue to stick is. After polishing the aluminum I mark and tape off where the handles go and scuff that surface so the glue adheres to the aluminum. These grips are no where near as tight as bicycle and or motorcycle grips and I don't think the aquanet would work for this. I use crazy glue myself but not the watery thin stuff. If you go to your local hobby store you can usually get it in thin, med and thick. Personally I use the med. The grips I found here. http://www.shofftackle.com/evagrips.html I am using the BR7-375
  3. OK, I did get to Liberty State Park yesterday. Unfortunately I guess the regular Jersey Crew was at the Kite Party. I can't believe that myself and the friend that came with me were the only Rev Fliers there that day so I had no one to try my lines to see what they thought. I flew for approx 6 hrs and 4 of which on that lineset. Here are my thoughts. 1. The lineset did seem to get better with use, I can now get 10 wraps before binding up. Not really a problem cause I usually don't wrap them that much. 2. Would I buy this brand again, probably not. I have never had to "Break In" a lineset before. I have been flying Duals and Quads since 95. Mostly Duals but lately I am addicted to Quads. 3. The stretch was very minimul as compared to my other linesets and this is a plus. I checked them at the the end of yesterdays flying session and right to left unoticeable. Top to bottom, tops a little longer but I know this is normal so in the linestretch catagory I would say this is excellent with about 8 hrs. total flying time on the lineset. 4. Maybe I got a bad spool who knows but if this is any indication of Laser Pros QC this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. 5. I will use the rest of the spool cause I am not made of money, but next time I will buy a different brand. Joe
  4. Theresa, I did not purchase this from you but I did get it from a dealer that I have had many other purchases with, although this is the first line purchase. I know most fliers use this so I thought I would get a large spool and make some new linesets up but I am hesitant to use the rest. Maybe this weekend I can get with some of the team fliers in my area and see what they think. Usually there are some guys flying @ Liberty State Park on Sundays so I will try to get there. I could have gotten a defective spool possibly. Like I stated in my first post the other 120' set I have is only an 80# Spectra ( 4 spools @ 150" ea.) but doesn't squeak when you get multiple wraps and I just thought that stepping up to the Premium line that this was weird. Joe
  5. Brian, This set probably has no more than 4 hrs total time on them and the temps have been rather cold when flying lately. Sunday the temps were in the mid 30's and it was actually flurying here for a bit. I did get out on Tuesday here again and the temps were in the mid 50's that day. Just seems weird that the line feels very waxy so to speak but it squeaks like crazy after 4 wraps and gets tough to steer. Joe
  6. Bart, I agree, just wondering if I should give the dealer a call. Joe
  7. Alden, The line is very shiny and it does feel slick to the touch. I know on other linesets I can get at least 3 times as many wraps with no problems. Even on very worn linesets LOL. You can have the balance of the line no problem, just send me one of your "Jimi's" LOL. If not I could use a vented Rev, been kinda windy here lately. Joe
  8. Here is a pic of the spool I got, it was shrink wrapped when I received it and it came from a reputable dealer. DSC_71581 by JG5150-Joe Girgenti, on Flickr There is still more than half of the spool left. The reason for so many wraps was just to compare smoothness. The only other experience I have with LPG is from a set that came with my first Rev which is now only 50' instead of 75' due to an incident with an SLK a long time ago.
  9. I recently purchased a spool of 90# LPG and made a set of 120's. This is my first experience with LPG but not with 120' line sets so here is my question. The stretch seems minimul compared to my other set and it feels very slippery to the touch but when I get 4 or more wraps in it, it gets really tough to turn. My other set of 120's was made from 4 spools of 80# x 150' ea. Although it doesn't feel as slick to the touch I can get more wraps without the line getting hard to turn. Is it possible I have a defective or old spool. I don't want to use the rest if this is the case. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Like I said before with more than 4 wraps the line even sounds squeaky. Thanks in advance, Joe
  10. Thanks, I did a search for the foam and found this. http://www.mudhole.com/Shop-Our-Catalog/EVA-Grips/CM38-Colored-EVA-Grips Are you using the EVA or the Hypoalon? Thanks again, Joe
  11. This may have been covered before but I did a search and came up empty. I have some old handles left in my garage and i think some critters got to them. I need replacement foam for these. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Joe
  12. OK I have 2 sets of handles and I am not sure which ones they are. The actual measuements from tip to tip are 9.5" and 10.5", are these the 11" and 13" handles? I am thinking of buying the 15" U/L handles but want to know what these are called first. Thanks in advance, Joe I am sure this might have been covered before but I tried searching and really couldn't find anything.
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