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  1. Boy at 19 now thats adding up quick. How many are allowed? 30? So only 11 seats remain. ~Brett
  2. You can put me down for a new 10... ~Brett
  3. Personally I don't think a different line length would have been harder as a beginner. As a total beginner I did a lot of up and down and never even used all of 80 ft. But then later I just moved into flying back and forth doing two 90 degree turns at each side. These were done nowhere near the edges of the window for fear of stalling. Once I got the hang of this I used the time between turns to practice speed control. Here is where I think the 120s would have been better and would have given more time to practice between turns. ~Brett
  4. No need to be a Rev widow. Just make him share the learning experience with you. When my wife and I got our first Rev we had a blast learning to fly it together. Then we got to the point where we didn't want to be constantly handing the handles back and forth. So we got another Rev. Now this was the tougher part as we'd often get far apart or even worse we'd fly end to end. However after we improved we got good enough that we can stand shoulder to shoulder and fly together. Not to mention in this whole process we've gained an entire family of Rev fliers that we get to see several times a year! I love the fliers around here and wouldn't trade the time flying with them for anything! I will second Katrina's comment on the lines. Now that we've gotten into things we pretty much never fly on the 85 foot lines. It's either 120 feet or much shorter than 85 foot cause that's all the room there is. I really dig my 30 foot set for flying in all sorts of random places... Welcome to the family! ~Brett
  5. Really cool man! Love it! Really like the all black with white accents on the rev! ~Brett
  6. Looking forward to seeing you again! Was fun flying with you at Yachats. ~Brett
  7. Even with the standard winders from lpg you gotta be careful sitting down. I've torn the corner of my pocket a few times. But it only tears the thread so it just sews back on and off to the beach we go again.... I do like and prefer the smaller winders. Granted bigger is easier to wind onto but smaller means carrying more linesets in the same space in the bag. Gotta have something for every occasion! ~Brett
  8. I've got a friend who picked up the black one as his first and only rev at the Yachats kite festival and he's coming up to speed on it... Here's hoping we can get him in a group fly soon! I hope it catches on for him. He, like me, sees it as great meditation and a fun way to shut the brain down for a bit. Wonder how this kite will look on our overcast Oregon days? On the sunny days it'll be the most badass cloud in the sky! ~Brett
  9. Awesome choice in the 1.5. I very much love my B2 but it lives in a bag with four 1.5s a std, a mid vent (soon), a full vent, and an xtra vent. The 1.5s are what I fly with others and work to fly better. The B2 is what I use when I want more speed or when I want to improve my 1.5 flying. The 1.5SLE was my first kite and I'm very glad it was. But when you own your hover on a B2 and can tack it in the sky the 1.5 is really still up there. They are all fun! Look forward to hopefully flying with you sometime at a festival!
  10. Man I'm so excited for this event looking forward to seeing you all there!
  11. bretthoward


    Those two look really good together!
  12. Man I still keep thinking about those few short minutes on your xtra vent... I SOOO can't wait until mine is done. The order is in now its just a waiting game.
  13. Here's a video link to the mega fly that we had yesterday! This was my first mega fly and I thank everyone who worked so hard to get me ready!
  14. So I've got July 23/24 on my calendar... I'll be there with my wife so thats 2 more. I'll bring it up with a couple other guys at work too and see if I can build any further interest... ~Brett
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