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  1. Cheers guys Got the washers - so all good Thanks for the help! Jon :-)
  2. Brilliant - thanks buddy I'll do just that :-)
  3. Hi guys Was flying my SLE yesterday evening (rather watching son - and now wife who is muscling in) and I have lost a small rubber ring type thing that connects one of the strut caps (according to manual that's what it's called) to the leading edge - so that shaft now extends beyond the leading edge by a centimetre. Apologies for the dodgy terminology I'm using - is it ok to fix this by tying (currently botched it just to keep flying) it or if not - where do I find these things? Cheers all Jon :-)
  4. Well thanks to the guys at Dunstable Downs for getting me hooked! Now they have another victim! With my first flight lesson under my belt last weekend - I cant get my rev out of my head! I managed to sneak up in the week and with the knowledge that it was going to rain today went to the downs again yesterday for the afternoon/evening.. So after an hour on his Prism Quantum my son Charlie, 8, asked for a go on My new 1.5 SLE. After a minute of standing behind him, guiding him, he brushed me off and that was it! He did better than my first time and now I appear to have lost my Rev!! Ahh well it's fathers day next weekend so I'll be emptying his piggy bank and getting my self a vented B!! Nobody me it would be this addictive!! Here's some pics and a video of his first flight Charlies first Rev flight Cheers all :-) Jon Anyone else suffered a similar fate?
  5. Thank you Jason - that's very kind of you! I had an absolutely amazing time and I attribute my rapid early progress to my 4 fantastic tutors! Without you guys I guarantee I'd have spent the afternoon spinning out of control! I'm going to order those 120' lines and a vented Rev (fathers day) this week and maybe one day after some considerable practice I can possibly join you guys!! Thanks again and see you next week!! Jon :-)
  6. Thanks to everybody in the forum for their great advice and words of wisdom! :-) And a big big thank you to the guys at Dunstable Downstoday for your guidance including Keith for the very kind loan of his Vented Rev for a couple of hours! The winds today would have been a bit too much for my unvented SLE I had an amazing time and the guys advanced my learning by many weeks I should think. Definitely the best advice - to find other Rev fliers to learn from :-) I'm now confident enough to go flying my Rev and safely set up, take off and land correctly and try some of the basics without going into a spin! Absolutely brilliant time!!! Can't wait to go again! Thanks again guys Jon :-)
  7. Lift off!! Managed to sneak up to the downs this afternoon for an hour for the inaugural flight! It was far too windy and gusty! Iphone said 18 mph! Despite this I was desparate to have a go - you know what it's like! So I staked the handles - and set up the kite - that was an achievement in itself (I watched the video beforehand and some vids online) I was so delighted at this achievement - anyone watching would think I could fly! Anyway - take off - straight up and slowly lower - actually landed! Woohoo Take off two agghhhh - spin out of control but managed to land then flip over (as I learned in a video) and take off again - Kite's got a mind of its own!! However the combination of my lack of skill and the wind meant that was it! I quit while I was ahead - blimey I have a lot to learn! You guys make this look way to easy!!!! Now I know why you all have so many kites!! But I have learned the art of set up and packing up! Gotta start somewhere I guess - it was an incredibly exhilirating and terrifying 2 minutes!! Back to Dunstable Downs tomorrow it is then - wind looking tamer! Will look to the experts for guidance :-) Can't wait! Cheers, Jon :-)
  8. It's great to be here Pete! I'll report on my first go later :-)
  9. Hey Keith that's brilliant! I will look out for you! I should be easy to spot - guy with Rev - obvious beginner scratching head - flying erratically ;-) 8 year old son flying stunt kite and laughing at me! I might try sneaking up about 5 today to set it up so i don't look a complete buffoon on Sunday as I know it's going to be busy ( - been watching videos on the procedure ) - hoping some of my power kite experience will carry through - but I suspect this is a totally different game altogether! My wife called to say it's arrived at home so I've asked her to bring it to my office this afternoon just so I can unbox and check it out :-) I think I'm a little obsessed!!
  10. Hey that's brilliant!! I'll be there on Sunday from midday with family in tow - so I'll look out for you! Thanks for your kind offer of assistance - I will definitely grab you for some advice! Thanks again :-) Jon
  11. brilliant - thank you once again :-) I've learned so much from all your advice today on this forum!! now I'm convinced I have made the right choice in my first of many Revs!! How exciting!! Jon :-)
  12. Hey thank you all - more great advice - I'm overwhelmed :-) Apparently my kite arrives tomorrow - if so I'll be quitting work early and heading out for a test fly. Been reading lots and looking at lots of vids so feeling a little less apprehensive Can't bloomin wait!! :-)
  13. Dunstable downs it is this weekend! It's watching those guys that made me want to ditch the Twister and join the dark side!! Cant bloomin wait!!
  14. Wow thanks guys for all the speedy and reassuring responses! Now I can relax I have much to learn in terms of the lingo as well as the kite itself! Wraps? Leaders? It's a whole new world!! I just can't wait for my Rev to arrive and get out and fly (attempt) this weekend. Definitely taking advice from other rev flyers too!! Just been looking at the vented B - God help me I'm addicted and haven't even started yet!!!! Thank goodness its fathers day soon - I must prepare a list! Thanks a million guys Will let you know how the maiden flight goes on the weekend! :-)
  15. Hi guys This is my first post so please excuse my obvious naivety when it comes to Revs. Basically I have been forced to give up power kiting due to a very dodgy ankle - so my Peter Lynn Twister 2 5.6 is being sensibly retired. So I was out with my son flying his stunt kite last weekend and we met a cool guy who showed us his Rev in action and gave us a demo and explained all about it. We were amazed - I've never seen anything like it! Anyway - you know the rest - I looked around (probably not enough) and ordered a 1.5 SLE the other day - in a desperate rush to get my hands on one before the coming weekend. Now I guess I'm just looking for reassurance - as I see everyone in the forum praising the B series and thinking maybe I should have gone for that instead? I'll probably have a full quiver by the end of the year - but meanwhile do you guys reckon that the 1.5 SLE is a reasonable first time Rev? Thanks in advance for any reassurance Jon :-)
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